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Multilingual SEO websites with ICanLocalize and WPML

In this tutorial we show how to set up and translate your site’s SEO using ICanLocalize and WPML. This post is referring to a tutorial published recently on wpml.org, we will focus here on how to send SEO related texts to ICanLocalize. Translating your site and achieving good SEO, in all languages, can be simple. […]

Manfrotto Imagine More, inspiring photographers across the globe

Two multilingual websites translated by ICanLocalize and WPML Most of you have probably heard the quote “if you are a photographer, you must blog.” Is this statement true? Apparently, blogging and displaying photography together are becoming an increasing trend online. People simply want to showcase and treasure the most significant moments of their lives and […]

Top languages to localize your iPhone app and get revenue

In a world where the use of iPhones is rising exponentially, there is a huge opportunity to make a name for yourself and earn tons of revenue by making your iPhone app multilingual. Nowadays, we hardly see any English-only iPhone apps; this is mainly because everyone wants to have a top-selling app and the most! […]

Quality assurance for software, games, and apps

We know that deciding to localize an app is a huge step into the global market, not only because of the many new users you are going to reach, but also because with every new update, new translations will come. This means that your app will be forever bound to be localized, and its success […]

The Amazon App Store is here

We knew the Apple Store and Google Play weren’t going to be alone in the run for becoming the greatest app market. We knew a third player would eventually show up and step in. It was just a matter of time. The Amazon Appstore was launched in March 2011. It’s not only for the Kindle […]

Differences between iPhone & Android Localization

Nowadays, app localization is a must, and this is no secret. Any well-informed developer knows that the key to an app’s success lies mostly in its capacity to reach every corner of the world, and considering that there are almost 7 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide, this shouldn’t be an irrelevant matter. What really is a […]

Writers also love apps, especially those in their own language!

Yes, believe it or not, there are actual people behind the writing of all the newspapers, magazines, and books you are used to reading. Books are made up of words, and words are the most precious gift given to human beings. However, not all human beings are born with the innate talent to produce and […]

“Manage Aliases” will save your time!

Figure 1: Aliases table

If your company delegates duties—for example, if one employee is responsible for translation, another for payments, and another for managing other projects under the same company—then the “Manage Aliases” feature is just for you! With this option, these employees can manage the same projects together without having to ask the account holder for confidential information. […]

Acompli, translated by ICanLocalize, was bought by Microsoft for $200 Million

Obviously, we are not claiming here that our translation was what led Microsoft to buy Acompli. However, we think that there’s a lesson to be learned about the importance of localization and reaching the global market. To understand this better, see what Javier Soltero, CEO at Acompli, Inc said: “18 months ago we started building […]