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Optimize your app-store profile with localization

Mobile applications serve numerous purposes in areas ranging from gaming to health care. Their popularity is constantly growing, and the industry produces more and more apps every year. No one knows how many apps actually exist. In July 2016, Android users had 2.2 million apps to choose from, while the Apple Store launched with only […]

How to exclude WordPress shortcodes from translation

Many WordPress websites use shortcodes. Until now, clients were required to explain these shortcodes to translators in order to prevent accidental translation of these codes. New developments in ICanLocalize allow clients to enter a list of shortcodes, which are automatically blocked by the system during translation. In this way, clients will not be required to […]

Why small businesses should localize their websites

Businesses need a global presence to connect with customers all around the world. Nowadays, with the smart use of modern technologies, even small businesses can approach international customers with relative ease, if they employ the right expansion strategy. The Internet made the world a much smaller place. At the same time, it revealed how different […]