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Translate your YAML files with ICanLocalize software projects

We are glad to announce that ICanLocalize now supports YAML files for software localization. The YAML format is supported by dozens of programming languages because it is a simple, yet powerful way to store localized text. We used YAML to localize our own translation editor interface and we are happy to offer this new feature […]

How Globe Car & Truck Rentals saved weeks of work by using ICanLocalize

Karim Aziz’s company, Globe Car & Truck Rentals, is launching a new website in multiple languages. It decided to hire ICanLocalize to translate it. Why did you need to use ICanLocalize? Well, we’re launching a brand new website and, as we’re based in Montreal, it has to be in French and English. We could have […]

How Revenue Marketing uses ICanLocalize to improve their clients’ businesses

David Fardon’s company, Revenue Marketing, creates websites for hotels which have international clients. Therefore, they need a website in multiple languages to attract guests. That’s why David decided to work with ICanLocalize. Why were the problems your customers were experiencing before they started using ICanLocalize? We realized that our clients were using their staff to […]

How Blake Psychology gets more sales quickly by using ICanLocalize

François Lepage helps run Blake Psychology which is based in Montreal, Canada. As Montreal is a bilingual city he needs a website in both French and English. François could translate the content himself but he is busy managing the business. That’s why he started using ICanLocalize. Why did you start using ICanLocalize? Because we were […]

WPML contractors’ system features specialized developers to translate your website with professional services

WordPress is an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) that allows you to set up websites in a few clicks. After that, the possibilities are endless. You can create blogs, news magazines, brochure websites, and e-commerce platforms, to name a few. WordPress can help set up the website and offers countless themes and plugins to customize […]

Find out the lastest improvements in WebTA

Since we released the new online Web Translation Assistant (WebTA) to our translators, we have been receiving a lot of feedback with your comments and suggestions on options that can be improved. We have carefully studied each feedback. As a result of thorough, multiple testings, we have introduced several important improvements that should make your […]

Five Reasons to Translate your Blog using a Professional Translation Service

The word “blog” comes from “web log,” meaning “an online magazine with regularly added content.” Blogs serve as a powerful source of information that is distributed worldwide. Like any magazine, a blog requires regular and appealing content that can be “on everyone’s lips” or “at their fingertips.” Many businesses rely on blogs to be showcased […]