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Translation rates

ICanLocalize offers top-notch work at affordable costs. Rates depend on the type of project you set up for translation. As regards review, it’s always 50% extra of the overall cost of translation.

Read more about the importance of review.

Software localization

The price is fixed for software localization projects.  Whether you want to translate an iPhone/Android/iPad application or any .PO file, you’ll pay 0.09 USD/word for localization, or 0.135 USD/word for localization and review.

Website translation

Websites may require some certain expertise or knowledge in a specific field, so rates need to be flexible. After you create your website translation  project, be it WordPress or a static site, and select the languages, you have two options: either release it to all translators or invite a particular translator that you like. In any case, translator will offer a bid. Some languages are more expensive than others, such as Asian languages.

Our standard minimum rate is 0.09 USD/word for translation, 50% extra if you require reviewers.

In this type of work, clients can negotiate rates directly with translators – in case it becomes necessary – in the project chats.

Document translation

For any other kind of texts in other formats such as Word, Excel, etc you can set up a maximum amount. Translators will bid for that amount or lower. Please, bear in mind the minimum should not be less than 0.09 USD/word.

For the last two types of project, we highly recommend visiting the translators’ profile and/or interviewing them before selecting a bid. Make sure they have the relevant experience you’re looking for. Please contact us if you need help selecting translators.

Instant translation

It’s fixed at 0.11 USD/word for translation or 0.165 USD/word for translation and review. We recommend to set up an instant translation project ONLY for very short and simple texts with self-explanatory contexts and when no specific field of expertise is required, as there’s no possible interaction between translators and client.

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34 responses to “Translation rates”

  1. Ronald Lourie

    I would like some information on how to become a German to English (my native language).
    thank you in advance

    Ronald Lourie

  2. Timmi Klügel


    The company I work for has recently purchased your WordPress plugin.

    I can see that you do not offer translation from Danish to English or from Danish to Spanish.

    Will you be offering this in the near future ?

    Best regards

    Timmi Klügel

    1. Amir

      We can recruit new translators on demand. There are thousands of translators working on the more ‘popular’ languages. For Danish to English and Spanish, I’m sure that we can also hire translators that will work on your project.

  3. Peiyush

    I Want To Know How Can I Join This Opportunity, And In What Way I May Get Benefited.

    I Can Translate From English To Hindi (India National Language)

    0091 78380 777 09 & worldofwellwishers@gmail.com

  4. Marina Dizerens

    Je suis de langue maternelle allemande et française. J’ai suivi mes écoles en allemand et travaille en français depuis 30 ans.
    Je fais actuellement des traductions pour l’état de Fribourg en Suisse.
    Puis-je postuler pour faire des traductions ?

  5. Soledad


    I would like to know the requirements to join the ICL team of translators. I am an English to Spanish translator from Argentina.

    Kind regards,


  6. John

    Hello. We had a couple questions about how ICanLocalize structures its payments for WordPress translations.

    1. Is there a price roof on how much an individual translator can charge per word for his/her services?
    2. How many channels for payment are available? For instance, is there an invoice option for enterprises? Or is the client responsible for charging all services to a company credit card?

    Thank you!

  7. Krisdi


    I’m interested in becoming one of your translator,I’m a native Thai speaker with a few experience on translating/interpreting between Thai-English.

    my only problem is ATA test doesn’t provide the combination of test from English-thai translations.

    so what els can I do to be qualified?

  8. winrar

    un software muy interesante muy completo y funcional

  9. Abbas Dawoud

    I am legal English >< Arabic translator. Please, how i can join your team work.


  10. Miyako Komura


    I’m interested in this position ond would like to know if you need an English to Japanese (my native languate) pair.

    Best regards,

    Miyako Komura

  11. Ahmed Saad


    I’ll be glad to join your great community. I don’t have a certification from ATA but I’ve a Bachelor of Computer Science. I also hold OCA (Oracle Certified Associate) certificate, and OCP (Oracle Certified Professional) certificate.

    I’m able to translate from English to Arabic and Vice versa. I’ve worked with many international and famous companies around the world, and I’m still working with some of them. I’ll provide more details through your contact channels.

    Kindly let me know how can I join your respected community?

    Thanks and waiting for your response.

  12. MC

    Hi, just a suggestion…
    Could you provide a sample file or template for each supported format you allow in the Software localization please?
    (so we can follow the required strict formats for the resource files)


  13. Narmin Mammadova

    Hey, I’m wondering if you are interested in recruiting translators that work with Azerbaijani- English language pair. I checked the languages you translate but didn’t see mine among them, so I was wondering if you would be willing to do so in the future?

    Kind regards,

  14. Aizhana

    Hello, I would like to ask, do you need English-Russian (my second language), English-Kazakh (my native language) translator?

    Best regards,

    1. Irina Sozonova

      Hi Aizhana,

      You are welcome to apply with the English-Kazakh pair here: http://www.icanlocalize.com/site/about-us/translators-needed/

      Best regards,

  15. Anouar Taibi

    I am Arabic and French native. I have experience to translate and interpret from and to the following:
    Arabic, French, English and German.
    I have refereces.
    Best regards,

    1. Valentina Volpi

      Hello Anouar,

      Thanks for your interest.
      You are welcome to apply following the “sign up” link on this page: http://translators.icanlocalize.com/
      At the moment, English > French is a closed language pair but we will gladly review your application as a translator for the other language pairs.

      Kind regards,

  16. Nguyen Thi Mai Khanh

    Hello, I am a native Vietnamese person with 2-year experience in translation. Would your company recruite a English – Vietnamese translator?

    Thank you.
    Best regards,
    Nguyen Khanh

    1. Valentina Volpi

      Hello Nguyen,

      Thanks for your interest.
      Yes, there are open spots for Vietnamese translators.
      You are welcome to apply following the “sign up” link on this page: http://translators.icanlocalize.com/
      Once you are registered, we will contact you to continue the recruitment process.

      Best regards,

  17. Damien Taymans


    My client is a boy’s choir with a website written in French and operated with WordPress. Translation need to be done in specific languages depending the country they visit during their yearly summer tour.
    Main languages should be Dutch (Belgian),German, Spanish, English. The translator should master musical vocabulary.
    Do you mind confirming the rates for the above languages ?

    1. Valentina Volpi

      Hello Damien,

      Thank you for contacting us.
      We have translators from French to all the languages you need. Our minimum rate is 0.09 USD per word, but occasionally translators working in rare language pairs can apply for a couple of cents more. You will receive several bids and you can choose the translator you prefer. You are welcome to chat with our translators to confirm their expertise in the musical field.

      I hope this information was useful. If you wish, please submit this form to give us more information about your website and we will be happy to help you further.

      Kind regards,

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