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When you recommend ICanLocalize you help us and you help your friends. We’ll keep doing our best to provide great translations for your friends, just like we’ve done for you!

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Tell what we’ve translated for you and about your experience working with ICanLocalize. You can even mention the translators who worked on your project (they take pride in their work).

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Earn 30% Affiliate Commission

We’d like to show our appreciation for sending us new business. You can create a unique referral link to ICanLocalize. When people get to us through that link, we will know that you’ve sent them.

We pay a 30% commission for completed projects* we do for new clients that you refer.
(30% out of ICanLocalize profit after deducting the translators’ fees)

To generate your referral (affiliate) link, log in to your ICanLocalize account and click on Affiliate.

We know that you’re not in it for the money, but we still like to reward you for your efforts.

A big thanks from everyone in ICanLocalize!

*Instant translations are not included.