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When you need to translate WordPress sites and mobile apps, there’s no better choice than ICanLocalize. We provide accurate, fast and affordable translation directly into your site or app.

  • Get your translation done by expert translators, writing in their native languages.
  • Save time with our process automation for WordPress and mobile apps
  • Enjoy our family approach to customer service

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Our Expertise

Professional Translators

WordPress sites, built with WPML

  • Translate WordPress sites easily and accurately. ICanLocalize is fully integrated into WPML, offering you accurate, affordable and convenient translation for your site.

Software and mobile apps

  • We translate dozens of iOS and Android apps every week. Our mobile-app translation tools and experienced translators let you get localized apps quickly, accurately and on a small budget.


  • Need to translate Office documents, PDF files and other documents? Create your project in a few minutes and have your text translated by experts.

Short texts

  • Need to translate fast a short and simple text? Paste your text in and get translations back quickly with our Instant Translation service, always done by professional translators.


Enjoy the peace of mind of working in a safe environment with responsible translators you can trust.

  • All professional certified translators

  • All translators write in their native languages

  • Rating system based on QA results and client feedback

  • A wide range of translator expertise

  • You choose the translators for your projects

There are more than 2000 translators in ICanLocalize, translating between over 45 languages.

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Our Clients Say…

“Translating my Freeletics info website with ICanLocalize was totally worth the investment”

The process is rather smooth, the translators seem qualified and the whole setup is quite inviting to do further business with/through ICanLocalize.

David Altman, Freeletics

“Working with ‪ICanLocalize‬ was super easy”

Working with ‪ICanLocalize‬ was super easy. We were able to easily find a translator that was a good match for our needs, and the integration with ‪WordPress‬ is seamless. Great value.

Dana Hett, Biosphere Naturel

“A great experience. Recommended!”

Translations with WMPL were fast, well-made and professional. We translated our website from English into Spanish and Russian, and we will do it soon in other languages! A great experience. Recommended!

Stefano Abba, www.easynite.eu

“We have been really pleased with the service”

ICanLocalize was an excellent resource for translating our website into Spanish. We could not be happier with the quality of translation and the seamless WordPress integration. We have been really pleased with the service.

Mark Armengol, Psycalia

Start translating now!

Powerful QA

How do we manage to separate the excellent translators from the rest, while keeping costs down?

When you order translation work from ICanLocalize, you can choose to have a translator and a proofreader. Besides improving the quality of individual translation projects, the review process helps us automatically rate translators.

Very quickly, we know which translators are the best.

The clients can see translators’ ratings. You will notice that you only see translators with a rating between very good and excellent. It’s because translators with lower ratings cannot continue to work with us.