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New features

Introducing Auto Assigning Favourite Translators to New Projects

Introducing Auto Assigning Favourite Translators to New Projects

Inviting translators who you worked with in the past and who met your requirements has not been an easy task –until now. Now you can enjoy the benefits of a new feature that will make your life easier: using the same translators for all of your new projects. When you created a new project, you […]

New "Subject" field to help classify projects

New “Subject” field to help classify projects

At ICanLocalize, we care about expertise! While we thrive to collaborate with seasoned professionals in their native languages, at times it is difficult, as a client, to identify who are the better suited candidates to localize your projects. With the newly added field “Subject” to the description, ICanlocalize aims to help narrow the search for […]

Planned Vacations

Planned Vacations

Easter holiday is over, but we’re still people and we sometimes are away. It’s important to let each other know when we’re available and when we’re not. ICanLocalize makes this easy using the planned vacation feature. Translators can enter their planned vacation schedule to the system. Then, we’ll show that you’re on vacation automatically to clients. […]

Project Adminstration section for Software Localization

Sharing Translations for Multiple Mobile Applications

Many of our clients make several mobile apps. It started with iPhone and now we’re seeing the same developers also producing Android versions for the same applications. To make translation even easier (and more economical), we’ve added a simple, yet powerful feature – translation sharing. When you create a new application, there’s a good chance […]

Crowdsourcing and Professional Translation Utopia

Your users want to help and contribute translations, but how do you make sure that translations are of qualify? As of today, you can run Software Localization projects and mix between volunteer translators and professional translators. This way, all your translators will use the same translation tool, have access to the same glossary and work […]

How to Update Existing Translations?

We have a number of clients that want to use our system to manage translations on their existing translated websites. They want to use our system to translate new content and to also update existing translated content. When the original content is changed the existing translation needs to be updated. We are trying to work […]

Some of ICanLocalize's English to Spanish translators

Meet Your Translators

We’ve changed the way translators are assigned to projects. Until today, clients created projects and had to wait for translators to apply. Now, clients can actively search translators and invite them to their projects. After you create a project, you’ll see a small link, below each language saying: Search for English to Spanish translators (the […]

Glossary management page

Finally, a Glossary

It’s taken a while to build, but it’s finally ready – a global translation glossary for each client. Many words can be translated in different ways and it’s important that everything we translate comes out the same. The solution is a glossary. A glossary helps produce consistent translations, as it shows how phrases were translated […]