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How Poker Analytics introduced its app to new clients thanks to ICanLocalize

Laurent Morvillier created an app, Poker Analytics, to help poker players manage and track their performance. He speaks French and English but needed to translate it into eight languages. That’s when he started using ICanLocalize.

Why did you need to translate your app to so many markets?

We wanted a bigger market and, of course, one of the easiest ways to do that is by translating your product. We originally did it in English and French but we wanted to move into other markets. For some countries it has gone very well while we are still working on others.

Why did you start using ICanLocalize?

The price was definitely the best argument. We spend half of our working time on developing the app and we don’t yet live off it. So we don’t have full capacity to spend whatever we want translation-wise on it. That’s why we needed a service which was affordable.

We looked at a number of options but we chose ICanLocalize because it was by far the best value for money.

What was the best thing about using ICanLocalize?

Besides the price, the relationship I can have with the translators is great. I feel like it’s important to explain exactly what you are looking for with your translations and I love being able to have a conversation about the meaning of certain sentences or words.

I have never had any problems with the quality of the translations – they are always very good.

How has using ICanLocalize improved your business?

The speed of the translations has been a great benefit. It’s always quick and smooth and I have no complaints. Knowing that translations will arrive within days really helps with planning your business.

It has also helped us reach new users around the world who are native in different languages. Without ICanLocalize we would have struggled to attract these customers.

How long does it take to complete each translation project?

They are incredibly quick. When I have 10-20 strings, sometimes the translators do the job within a couple of hours. Most of the time it’s within a day. Even with full translations of 700 strings per language it never takes more than a week.

So far I’ve done full translations for 8 languages and never encountered any problems.

What would you say to someone who was thinking of using ICanLocalize?

I’d say you can’t go wrong. The price is good, the translators are great and I found the support incredibly helpful.

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