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Translate your YAML files with ICanLocalize software projects

We are glad to announce that ICanLocalize now supports YAML files for software localization.

The YAML format is supported by dozens of programming languages because it is a simple, yet powerful way to store localized text.

We used YAML to localize our own translation editor interface and we are happy to offer this new feature to you.

What kind of applications can you localize with YAML files?

The YAML (.yml or .yaml) file format is the default file format used to internationalize (i18n) Ruby On Rails applications. You can find a detailed guide on how to translate a RoR application on the Rails Guides. Additionally, YAML is one of the supported formats for localizing Symfony (PHP) applications and can be used in Ember (JavaScript) applications with the ember-intl module.

Get your YAML file translated using a software project

While you could use a text editor to translate YAML files, the process would be slow and prone to errors. You need to be very careful when translating strings since small errors can make the file unusable, and not all translators are familiar with software localization.

With ICanLocalize, you can translate your YAML files through dedicated software localization tools. A parser will analyze the source file and extract all the text to translate. Translators will work only on the texts, without worrying about the file format.

When the translation is complete, you can download the localized file which will have the same structure as the original.

Here is an example of an original YAML file and its translated content:

Original file in English Localized file in Spanish
reset: ‘Reset’
filter: ‘Filter’
home: ‘Home’
actions: ‘Actions’
‘no’: ‘No’
‘yes’: ‘Yes’
account_confirmed: ‘Your account has been confirmed’
signed_in: ‘You were successfully signed in’
reset: ‘Reiniciar’
filter: ‘Filtrar’
home: ‘Principal’
actions: ‘Acciones’
‘no’: ‘No’
‘yes’: Sí
account_confirmed: ‘Hemos confirmado tu cuenta’
signed_in: ‘Sesión iniciada correctamente’


Would you like to give it a try and get a quote for translating your YAML file?

You can create a software localization project and select the YAML resource file format on the main project page.

You will see a summary of the extracted text (strings) and the word count. After your translators are assigned, you will see the quote for the languages you need.

For more detailed information, we prepared a YAML localization tutorial and you are always welcome to open a support ticket if you need help.

We are constantly working to support more file formats in our software projects. Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions, we’d be glad to hear what you think.

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