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I'm a Spanish native speaker and I have University degrees in translation and teaching (Universities: La Plata- Argentina, La Sorbonne-France, Curitiba-Brazil) with more than 20 years of experience. I translate different kinds of documents, articles, web pages, iPhones and iPad applications, technical manuals, educational material, etc. The Spanish I use in my translations is a neutral language suitable both for European and Latin American Countries.
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  1. English to Spanish
  2. Spanish proofreading
  3. French to Spanish
  4. Portuguese to Spanish
  5. Portugal Portuguese to Spanish


Peter Kang


I have 12+ years of translation experience in the localization industry, and have participated in the localization work of some well-known software products like Windows, Google products, Adobe Photoshop etc. I'm also one of the first Chinese translators working at ICanLocalize and have translated various app/website projects for ICL clients, and all of them are quite satisfied with my work. If you need, I'd be glad to translate your apps / websites into Chinese(both simplified and traditional).

  1. English to Chinese (Simplified)
  2. English to Chinese (Traditional)




Master Degree in translation and interpretation

14-year experience in translating and transliterating all kinds of games, apps and websites (business, chemistry, mechanics, engineering, manufacture, productivity, real estate, Internet, e-commerce, fashion, etc).

  1. English to Chinese (Simplified)
  2. English to Chinese (Traditional)
  3. French to Chinese (Simplified)
  4. French to Chinese (Traditional)
  5. Chinese (Simplified) proofreading
  6. Chinese (Simplified) to Chinese (Traditional)
  7. Chinese (Traditional) to Chinese (Simplified)
  8. Chinese (Traditional) proofreading




* Top 3 Professional Translators in ICanLocalize
* Top Korean translator recommended by more than 170 clients in ICanLocalize.
* Native Korean translator living in Seoul, Korea.
* Lived in the United States as a teenager.

* Services
- English to Korean translation
- Korean to English translation
- iOS/Android application localization
- Website localization

  1. English to Korean
  2. Korean proofreading


• Professional Translator with more than 15 years of experience
• German native speaker and Certified Translator, Interpreter and Foreign Language Correspondence Clerk
• Passed the State Examination for Translators and Interpreters with distinction
• Accurate and creative high-quality translations that sound natural to readers and users
• Wide variety of topics: software, tourism & travel, marketing, music, arts, photography & many more

  1. English to German
  2. German proofreading
  3. French to German
  4. Spanish to German


I am a professional translator with more than 10 years work experience focusing on software and website localizations. As a reliable full-time freelancer I offer quality translations from English to my native language German for a wide range of texts, including general and more technical topics.

My motto is to produce correct NATURAL TRANSLATIONS that are attractive to target users.

  1. English to German
  2. Portuguese to German




I'm an English to Portuguese professional translator and reviewer with a Bachelor's degree in Translation at Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil and MBA in Communication and Marketing in Digital Media. which is a plus to provide first class translationn and reviews for clients who seek to attract consumers to their products and services in the Portuguese speaking market. Esteem for my work quality and resourcefulness and achieve your business goals.

  1. English to Portuguese
  2. Portuguese proofreading


Peter VanQuick


"Translating is not about knowing the words, but about knowing the right words and the right tone. These cannot be found in a dictionary."
I've been a translator for more than 25 years. In 2012 iCanLocalize invited me to join their team.
I moved from Amsterdam to Montreal in 2001. In Holland I worked in the field of film and television and as a part-time translator.
I have a dual Dutch and Canadian citizenship, now working FULL TIME as a translator.

  1. English to Dutch
  2. German to Dutch




NAATI Accredited Translator (Australian National Authority for Translators and Interpreters)

Doctor of Creative Arts (Writing)- Ph.D. - University of Technology Sydney

English to French Translator, living in Australia since 1996. Double citizenship.

Former primary teacher, librarian, writer and manager of 3 small companies.

Published writer in France, Belgium, Canada and Australia.

Highly competent with the use of computers and softwares.

  1. English to French
  2. French proofreading


Sushila Dasi


Talented English>Spanish translator with more than 17 years of experience in the translation industry, specializing in the fields of software and website localization, in the areas of business, finance, marketing, legal, travel, IT, games, general medicine, food, photography and more. Accurate, organized, and aware of importance of meeting deadlines and maintaining smooth workflow.

  1. English to Spanish