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We’re the Experts in WordPress Translation

ICanLocalize offers the ideal combination of accuracy and cost for WordPress translation. We help people with both huge and tiny sites get quality translation at the lowest possible cost.

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Accurate translation and lower cost through direct communication

To translate your website in the best way, we put you in direct contact with our translators. We will pair you with the best translators for your site and you can even pick translators yourself.

Our translators will know your business before starting to work on your site.

Hassle-free translation workflow

Translating a website can quickly turn into a logistics challenge, but not when you’re using ICanLocalize and WPML.

Easily send content to translation and forget all worries about HTML formatting and links. Our system handles this for you.

Great service for sites of any size

Since we keep our overhead low, we are happy to take projects of any size. No matter if you only need to translate one page. We’ll take it and we’ll give you the best translation possible.

If you have a huge site with complex texts, we have you covered. You can assign a team of translators to work in parallel on your site, producing accurate translation using a shared translation memory and glossary.

Full support for any element in your WordPress site

We know how to translate anything that comes from WordPress. We’ll translate pages, posts, custom types and fields, contact forms, WooCommerce products and more.

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