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How to exclude WordPress shortcodes from translation

How to exclude WordPress shortcodes from translation

Many WordPress websites use shortcodes. Until now, clients were required to explain these shortcodes to translators in order to prevent accidental translation of these codes. New developments in ICanLocalize allow clients to enter a list of shortcodes, which are automatically blocked by the system during translation. In this way, clients will not be required to […]

Multilingual SEO websites with ICanLocalize and WPML

Multilingual SEO websites with ICanLocalize and WPML

In this tutorial we show how to set up and translate your site’s SEO using ICanLocalize and WPML. This post is referring to a tutorial published recently on wpml.org, we will focus here on how to send SEO related texts to ICanLocalize. Translating your site and achieving good SEO, in all languages, can be simple. […]

Figure 1: Aliases table

“Manage Aliases” will save your time!

If your company delegates duties—for example, if one employee is responsible for translation, another for payments, and another for managing other projects under the same company—then the “Manage Aliases” feature is just for you! With this option, these employees can manage the same projects together without having to ask the account holder for confidential information. […]

Game localization done right – BESMART

Game developers already know that to be successful, they need to localize. English, being the #1 language on the net, represents only a 27% segment of the market. The other 73% are out of reach without localizing. The question is not if, but how.  How should developers localize their software to make it successful in […]

You will not have space issues with ICanLocalize

How ICanLocalize Makes App Translations Fit

Have you ever run into space issues with translations for iPhone or Android apps? I’m not talking about outer-space, the final frontier, but the space you have allocated for strings on the GUI. In many languages, especially German, French and Spanish, translations are often around 150% the length of the originals. Since mobile apps have […]

7 Tips for Successful Game Localization

Localizing mobile apps is already a challenge and it’s even more so when it comes to games. We interviewed both clients and translators and got their notes on how to best handle game localization. The most popular category in any appstore is the games category. When you see a businessman sitting in a train deeply […]