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Now you can translate JSON files with ICanLocalize software projects

We are glad to announce that ICanLocalize introduced JSON files support for software projects.

JSON is one of the most popular formats as it is supported by many programming languages.

While it was possible to convert your JSON files in other formats to translate them (such as YAML), JSON support was the most requested one. We are happy to introduce this new feature to make your translation workflow easier and faster.

What kind of JSON files are supported?

JSON can be used to localize applications developed in a wide variety of languages. We implemented JSON localization support for:

There are some rules to follow to make your JSON format compatible with software projects:

  • The file can have a flat or hierarchical structure (see the examples in the table below).
  • Key-value pairs should be delimited with colons (:)
  • Keys and values should be surrounded by quotes (“ ”).
  • Key-value pairs should be comma separated.
  • Comments are not supported
  • Plurals are supported if the entire string is formatted as ICU MessageFormat.

Note: ICU plural support will be implemented soon.


Sample of flat JSON Sample of hierarchical/nested JSON
  “join”: “Join”,
  “nest.split”: “Split”,
  “nest.another_nest.split”: “Deep text”,
  “list”: [“List”, “Values”, {“JSON”: {“Embedded”: “Document”}}]
  “join”: “Join”,
  “nest”: {
    “split”: “Split”,
    “another_nest”: {
      “split”: “Deep text”
  “list”: [“List”, “Values”, {“JSON”: {“Embedded”: “Document”}}]



Would you like to give it a try and get a quote for translating your JSON file?

You can create a software localization project and select the JSON resource file format on the main project page.

You will see a summary of the extracted text (strings) and the word count. After your translators are assigned, you will see a quote for the languages you need.


We are constantly working to support more file formats in our software projects. You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions, we’d be glad to hear what you think.

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