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New features

How to Update Existing Translations?

We have a number of clients that want to use our system to manage translations on their existing translated websites. They want to use our system to translate new content and to also update existing translated content. When the original content is changed the existing translation needs to be updated. We are trying to work […]

Some of ICanLocalize's English to Spanish translators

Meet Your Translators

We’ve changed the way translators are assigned to projects. Until today, clients created projects and had to wait for translators to apply. Now, clients can actively search translators and invite them to their projects. After you create a project, you’ll see a small link, below each language saying: Search for English to Spanish translators (the […]

Glossary management page

Finally, a Glossary

It’s taken a while to build, but it’s finally ready – a global translation glossary for each client. Many words can be translated in different ways and it’s important that everything we translate comes out the same. The solution is a glossary. A glossary helps produce consistent translations, as it shows how phrases were translated […]

Translation with formatting strings mismatch

Better translation for iPhone apps and short texts

We’ve given our text resource projects a major update, to make iPhone and text translations easier and better. What’s new: Translating iTunes description together with the iPhone app resource file. Built-in QA checks for Text Resource projects. Preventing product names from being translated. Automated report for too long and short translations. Using a single Text […]

Translation glossary for all project types

In order to allow more consistent translations, done by several translators in parallel, we’re going to add a translation glossary, per client. This glossary will tell how to translate special terms to different languages and will be used for all the client’s projects. Let’s start with an example. iPhone golf-instructor application Supposing a client is […]