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Sharing Translations for Multiple Mobile Applications

Many of our clients make several mobile apps. It started with iPhone and now we’re seeing the same developers also producing Android versions for the same applications.

To make translation even easier (and more economical), we’ve added a simple, yet powerful feature – translation sharing.

When you create a new application, there’s a good chance that some strings are already translated in your other apps. The most obvious cases are all those ‘OK’, ‘Cancel’, ‘Yes’ and ‘No’s, but there are other, more significant texts.

There’s no point in translating, and paying for translation, over and over. The translators have better things to do, and I’m sure you have other things to spend your budget on.

Our Software Localization system now makes it easy to scan translations in other applications and apply them to a new project.

Project Administration section for Software Localization

Go to the Project Administration section at the bottom of the project page and click on Get translations from your other projects.

The system will scan all your projects and find identical strings that are already translated.

It will show you matching translations and tell where they’re coming from. You will see the name of the other project and any comment that existed for the translated string. This is another good reason to use comments, so that you can distinguish between “Save the whales” and “Save file as”.

Importing translations from other projects

Keep the check-boxes next to the translations that you want to apply and clear the ones that are out-of-context.

Then, click on Update selected translations and you’re done.

This screen will only allow you to import completed translations and apply them to untranslated strings, so you can’t overrun translations by error.

Also New – Download All Translations

How do you like downloading 15 tiny resource files and saving them in the app’s directory?

We figured, that’s probably not your favorite activity. To avoid it, we’ve added a “Download all” link to all software localization projects.

You will only see this link if you created the translated resource files recently. If you don’t see it, just click on th Update translations button. The system will generate the resource files and also create the ZIP with all translations.

Download it, unzip and voilà. No more downloading 15 resource files for 15 languages.

Share the Love (and Earn 30% Affiliate Commission)

And finally, last but not least, what do you think about getting a nice 30% affiliate commission for introducing ICanLocalize?

We’re going to lay it all out and be completely open and honest with you.

Smartphones may only have a 3% market penetration, but that 3% of the population makes up for most of our clients. They are CEOs, marketing directors and other high-ranking executives.

We’ve made it easier for you to tell about ICanLocalize and earn affiliate commission from new clients that you’re bringing.

Credit footer control

When you create the translated resource files, you can can include the text ‘Translated by ICanLocalize‘. We’ve translated it to over 40 languages. Click on the check-box that says Include translation credit text and affiliate link.

The translated resource files will include two new strings. One with the translation of the credit message and the other with your affiliate link to ICanLocalize.

"ICL_translation_credit"="Translated by ICanLocalize";

Note: ICL_translation_credit will appear in the correct language in each translated resource file.

You can add this link to your app’s About box and tell the world that we’re translating it.

Imagine this, you’ll get a 30% commission from every job that we do by anyone coming from that little link. It can be a huge website, the national archive or just your competitor, checking out your app.

That’s all the news we have for now. Thanks for making it this far, I hope it was worth it!