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Translation Methodology

ICanLocalize combines professional translation by highly skilled translators with state-of-the-art translation tools. The result is reliable and accurate translation at low costs.

In order to receive excellent translations, you need professional qualified translators using the right tools. Our translators are using our own translation system which allows them to concentrate on what they do best – translate. All technical aspects of the work are handled for them.

Translators Only Translate Texts

Your contents may come in different formats. Our translation tools will scan your website, documentation and programs.

It will extract the texts for translation and allow translators to translate the texts. Translators don’t need to worry about formats. They translate only the texts using our visual editor.

When translation is done, we’ll build the translations in their right format and deliver back to you.

All this work is done using our system without any human intervention. This means that there’s no overhead. We only charge for translation work and not for any technical work or project-management.

Translation Glossary

A glossary is a powerful tool for providing consistent and accurate translation. We build and maintain a glossary for each client. You don’t need to request it, we’ll do it ourselves.

When translators see key phrases, they will consult with you and find the translation that’s right for you. Then, they keep it in your glossary. Other translators who work on other documents for you will use this glossary and would immediately see how they need to translate.

You can export your glossary or import an existing glossary.

Translation and Review

In many cases, a single translator can produce great work. But, sometimes, you want to have two translators working as a team. One translator would translate and the other proofread.

This is a great solution for critical texts, where even the smallest typo causes great trouble for you. For example, translation for legal documents, marketing material or software applications. In all these cases, it pays off to invest a bit more in translation and know that translations are just perfect.

You can choose a reviewer who would be responsible of proofreading all your translations. This reviewer will go over everything we translate for you. The reviewer would know your business, understand your objectives and would strive to produce translations that serve you best.

The reviewer and translators work as a team, discussing the best ways to translate and making sure you always get the most appropriate translations.