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Translation Quality Assurance Process

Quality Assurance is a key component of any translation management system. Our QA process allows delivering excellent translations while continuously improving the overall quality.

The bottom line of a QA process is being able to deliver good translations. In order to do this, ICanLocalize developed a process, which is based on transparency, continuous feedback and issue tracking.

A translator and a reviewer work on each project (where clients choose review). The reviewer checks for correctness, appropriate writing style and consistency.

When the problems are found, they are documented in our issue tracking system. Issues get severity levels, which help prioritize them and also allows ICanLocalize to produce translator rating.

The entire review process is completely transparent to the client. Although clients don’t need to assist in the QA process, they can view it and participate. For example, if the translator and reviewer are discussing the best writing style, the client may help by explaining about the target audience.

Top Spanish translators in ICanLocalize

Continuous Translation Quality Improvement

By calculating translator grading according to the review process, ICanLocalize allows clients to see which translators are better.

Translators also see their own and their colleagues’ rating and are motivated to produce better results.

Translator rating is integrated into the entire system. The rating is updated when translators complete jobs, when they receive feedback from clients and when their work needs fixing.

When clients search for translators, they see their rating and feedback that other clients have left. Since translators are also sorted by rating, the best translators win the most jobs.

Tracking and Handling Issues

Issue tracking system

Even the best translators can sometime make mistakes. That’s a part of any human-driven process.

The important thing is to find mistakes, correct them and verify that translations are right.

We track each issue using our issue tracking system. Clients, reviewers and translators all use the same issue. Instead of relying on emails, each issue is documented in the system. Translators see their pending issues and have to close them in order to complete projects.

The issue tracking system guarantees that everything that needs fixing is fixed.

Certified Professional Translators Only

All the translators working in ICanLocalize are certified. Before they can apply to any translation job, we interview them and verify their qualifications.

Then, translators go through our technical qualification process, showing us that they are both good translators and also understand how our translation and QA process works.

Finally, they can apply to projects. New translators start with a neutral rating and in order to win jobs, need to do their best work and move up in the rating scale.