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CMS Translations

Modern dynamic websites use Content Management Systems. ICanLocalize makes running a multilingual CMS website easy, by automating translation management.

The best thing about using a CMS to run a site is the ability to constantly create and update contents. This means that running a multilingual CMS website is a real challenge. Companies often have entire teams who are in charge of maintaining translations.

ICanLocalize simplifies multilingual content management. Your writers and editors will manage contents in their languages, translators will concentrate on translation, and our system manages the translation process.

It integrates inside your CMS, keeps track of your contents, knows what’s changed and synchronizes all translations.

How ICanLocalize’s CMS Translation Works

We attach a translation status tag to each piece of content in your site. When your original content changes, we mark its translations as needing update. We’ll show you everything that’s new or needs update and allow sending it to translation.

Once you send to translation at ICanLocalize, we analyze the contents, find what’s actually changed and translate just that. We also keep a glossary which tells us how you like to translate key phrases to different languages.

Then, we return the translations to your CMS, ready for publishing. All this process is fully automated and requires minimal effort on your side. All you need to do is choose what to translate. We’ll do the rest.

Translations Ready for Publishing

Many times, besides translation, you need to do other edits before publishing.

For example, links need to update (to other translated pages), images with text need to change, menus need building and other tasks.

We make sure that your work is done for you. Our system will handle all these issues and provide you with translations that you can publish right away. You don’t need to touch or edit our translations – they’re ready for you to publish.

Free and Working Support for Popular CMS

In case you’re using WordPress, you can start using our CMS translation system right away.

For WordPress, we’ve built WPML. This plugin allows WordPress to run multilingual and interfaces with our CMS translation system. You’ll get the benefit of using the world’s most easy-to-use and popular CMS with built in translation management.