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A glossary is a dictionary that tells translators how to translate important phrases. Every client in ICanLocalize has a glossary, which translators update and use.

As translators work on your projects, they often need to choose between different alternatives for writing the same thing.

These choices will determine the writing style. It’s critical that any translator who works on any of your project produces consistent translation.

Our glossary function makes that extra simple and transparent, both to the translators and to you.

When translators work on your projects, your glossary is available to them. When they translate a word that appears in the glossary, translators see it highlighted. They hover over it and see how this word was translated before. If a word has several meanings, they would all appear, including the context and the translation.

The glossary is yours. You can export it to use elsewhere and also import your existing glossary into ICanLocalize.