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Simplified Translation Management

ICanLocalize Translation Management system integrates inside your content management system and makes translation a part of your normal workflow.

When you use ICanLocalize translation management system, you can concentrate on managing contents in your language(s). We’ll take care of translations.

A Translation Management System Saves You Money

Managing multilingual contents is a lot of work. You need to coordinate between authors, editors, translators and reviewers.

Then, there’s the technical work. Each time a new piece of content is created, you need to send it to translators and make sure that they know what you expect. There are updates, edits, review, QA and a whole chain that needs to run.

Our translation management system automates all this for you. All you need to do is manage contents in your language. Our system takes care of the rest.

You will immediately cut down in all translation management costs, but that’s not all. Translation itself becomes much more economical using our system. Just like you don’t need to worry about the process, so do the translators. They can dedicate all their time to translation. You can expect a saving of at least 50% on the cost of translation itself.

Management for All Your Translations

When you run a global business, contents come in many shapes and forms. Our system will manage all translations for your website, software, documentation and even emails.

You don’t need to worry about formats and interfaces. We will process everything the way you build it and return translations ready for you to use.

What our Translation Management System Does

  • Track what’s translated already and what needs update
  • Get a cost calculation before translation begins
  • Choose documents for translation
  • Communicate with translators
  • Send documents to translation and receive completed translations

The translation management system will be fully integrated inside your CMS (content management system). This means that you keep working with your convenient environment.

Translation management will become a standard part of your workflow. You will be able to choose which documents require translation. From that point, our system manages the entire translation process. It will send contents to translators and deliver the completed work right into your CMS.

Support for Popular Content Management Systems

WPML Translation Management

WPML Translation Management

If you are using WordPress as your CMS, we have a solution that you can use right away.

We’ve built WPML. It’s a powerful plugin that turns WordPress multilingual. It includes our entire translation management system. WPML allows using WordPress as a simple CMS. It’s ideal for small and medium sites.

Support for Your Own CMS

Many organizations prefer to build or customize their own content management systems. We can build custom interfaces to our translation management system for your CMS.

If you have your own team of developers, we’ll help you use our translation API to build it yourself. We can also build it for you, as a service. Typically, creating a custom interface takes about 6 weeks to complete. When it’s done, you will be able to manage the entire translation process from within your CMS.