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Our Translators

ICanLocalize connects you with professional translators from around the world, ready to take on your project!

All our translators are certified, experienced and reliable. You can view their work history, CVs and rating.

How we recruit translators

We verify the identity and the documentation of all translators who apply to join our team.

Only qualified translators who hold degrees or certifications in translation studies are accepted. They also need to pass a test in order for us to evaluate their work and make sure they are ready to use our translation software.

Our translators are language specialists translating into their native language. Translation involves cultural adaptation, and that’s something that only a human translator and a native speaker can provide.
You can view the translators’ work, history, CVs and rating and choose the ones you prefer.

You choose your translators

Our system works in self-service. This means that you can set up projects yourself and choose your own translators. If you prefer, you can also rely on our project managers and let them manage the translators for you.

When you invite a translator to apply to your project, you can enter the required fields of expertise. You will receive applications from translators with the right experience in your field.

We invite you to view the translators’ resumes and feedback they received from other clients. Interview the ones who interest you and make the best choice.

The automatic assignment of translators for website projects

If you have a WordPress website and use the WPML plugin to make it multilingual, ICanLocalize integration with WPML offers you a complete solution to translate it.

Our option to automatically assign translators saves your time as you don’t have to interact with translators and choose between the candidates. It comes with a fixed rate, so that you know at once the costs during the project setup.

Our best translators will take care of the translations that will soon arrive published on your website.
If you would like to get more information on the website translation, you can read this guide or contact us. We’d be glad to help!

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