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A string with a comment

Adding Comments to Android Translation Projects

This tutorial will explain how to add comments to translators when translating Android apps. Android has XML resource files. XML supports comments, but these are easily lost when processing and manipulating resources. Instead of using the native XML comments, we’ve defined comment attributes, which can be part of the XML. To add a comment to […]

Resource file upload

The Importance of Translating iTunes Description

The iTunes description is even more important to translate than the iPhone app itself. After all, if folks cannot find it, it doesn’t matter that you’ve translated it for them. I’ll show you how to include the iTunes description with the iPhone application translation project in ICanLocalize. Viewing iTunes Like Foreign Clients Do First, let’s […]

New – Android Localization Tutorial

We’re extra happy to announce a new full-length and detailed tutorial for Android localization. It’s no secret that Android is on the rise. Much like the iPhone, Android apps are built for localization. The texts and images are all served from resource files, conveniently organized into directories. When creating a multilingual Android app, all you […]

Top English to German translators in ICanLocalize

Inviting Translators for WordPress

Who likes account sign ups? I don’t. We all prefer to sign-up after we find what we’re looking for and not before. Now, when you translate a WordPress site with ICanLocalize, you can first look for translators and only then, decide if you want to sign-up or not. When clients assign translators to their projects, […]

Translating Dynamic Data in iPhone Applications

Translating Dynamic Data in iPhone Applications

Many iPhone apps use some sort of dynamic data, which often requires translation. While the static data is held in the .resources file, the dynamic data often uses plist (Properly List) files. plist files are flexible, powerful and, best of all, full supported by Apple’s development tools. You can create data for the application on […]

S3 Fox Firefox extension

Using Amazon S3 to Host Streaming Videos

I’ll show you how to deliver high-definition movies from your web pages. This solution boasts high video quality, smooth playback and low-cost. When we introduce something new, we write about it and we also like to show it in action. There’s nothing better than a short demo movie to explain how things work. For example, […]