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Migration to WordPress

ICanLocalize offers a cost-effective solution for migrating your site to WordPress. You can get all the benefits of using world-class content management system for as low as $300 USD.

WordPress is a free, open source, content management system (CMS). It allow building robust and flexible websites and offers the easiest management available.

ICanLocalize’s WPML plugin is today the de-facto standard for running multilingual WordPress sites. Our experience developing it and supporting thousands of users has made us WordPress experts. An expertise we can put in your disposal.

Benefits of migrating to WordPress

Excellent search engine positioning
Search engines love organized sites. You’ll get a site with clean HTML, full use of all SEO techniques, rich contents, search engine notifications (pings) and sitemaps. Basically, we’ll provide everything you know you need but didn’t have time to do.
Optimized for selling products
Your website will revolve around your products. We’ll help you create a website that’s an effective marketing machine, showing visitors how you’re solving their problems and why they should select your products – now.
Great clean look
You’ll get a site that’s been designed by a professional web designer with easy navigation, clear and intuitive structure. By making it easy for people to browse, you make it easier to buy.
Multilingual, of course
Multilingual comes built-in to our sites. All you need to do is manage contents in your language. We’ll take care of all translation work and build all translated contents right into your site.

What’s included in the package

Our purpose is to help you rebuild your site on WordPress with as little effort as possible. It only takes a few days, and you can be up and running with a new CMS based site.

When the move is complete, we’ll help you redirect traffic from the old pages to the new ones. This way, you don’t lose even a drop from your Google juice.

  • Install and configure WordPress on your server
  • Install and configure the required plugins (multilingual, SEO, sitemap, backup tools)
  • A professionally designed theme, adapted for your products and preferences
  • Help and instructions for moving your existing contents
  • Full support, until your new site is up and running

Cost: $300 USD.

How to order

If you already have an account at ICanLocalize, click on Support and create a new ticket, telling that you’re interested in moving to WordPress. We’ll know what you’re talking about.

Otherwise, create an account now. It’s free and only takes a minute.

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4 responses to “Migration to WordPress”

  1. Tim Hart


    We have an existing site that is built with a custom CMS. We’d like to port the site to WordPress and use that as our CMS. The site is coded in PHP and is rendered in XHTML.

    Is a migration possible with our existing site? We are satisfied with where the site is hosted, we just want to update it so we aren’t forced to pay each time we want to add functionality.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Thank you.

    Tim Hart
    Technical Marketing Assistant
    Offit | Kurman, Attorneys at Law

  2. Victor Fuentes

    We are looking for a good service to translate and also develop a site for mobile devices. Please give us a call (407)761-8812

    1. Laura

      Thanks for contacting us, Victor. One of our sales representative just contacted you privately to follow-up.

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