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PO / POT File Translation

PO / POT File Translation

Efficient, accurate and affordable translation for websites using GetText (PO / POT files).

The easiest way to run multilingual PHP sites is using .po (Portable Object) files.

ICanLocalize makes translating .po / .pot files better and easier than any other way. We also offer a free PHP to .po converter to compile your .po file.

You will get professional translation starting at 0.09 USD / word or 0.135 USD / word including review.

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PO or POT file:

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Expecting a PO/POT file with UTF-8 encoding.

What makes ICanLocalize translation special

Accurate translation
A professional translator will translate for you. To get the best translation, you can describe your website, the target audience and writing style.
Built in QA
We make sure that all formatting characters are maintained, product names are not translated, special characters escaped and other powerful QA measures.
Always valid PO files
Translators don’t edit your PO file manually. Instead, we extract the texts and translation is done in our system. Then, we create your completed PO and MO files.
Incremental translation
Whenever your application updates, just upload the new PO file. We’ll scan it and only translate new or modified texts. If you have existing partial translation, you can upload that as well and we’ll pick it up from there.

How it works

  1. Upload your PO or POT file.
  2. Select which languages to translate to.
  3. Pay for the translation.
  4. Download the translated PO and MO files.

Getting started

To get started you’ll need to create an account. It’s free and takes a minute.

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You’ll only need to deposit payment when the translation begins.