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Pricing per word for Website Translation

ICanLocalize’s website translation pricing ranges from 0.09 to 0.14 USD per word.

Here are some costs you can expect for popular language pairs:

Language pair Cost per word (USD)
From English to
Spanish 0.09 – 0.10 per word
German 0.09 – 0.10 per word
French 0.09 – 0.10 per word
Italian 0.09 – 0.10 per word
Portuguese 0.09 – 0.10 per word
Chinese 0.09 – 0.10 per word
Korean 0.09 – 0.10 per word
Japanese 0.09 – 0.11 per word
Swedish 0.09 – 0.14 per word
Finnish 0.09 – 0.14 per word
Norwegian 0.09 – 0.14 per word
Danish 0.09 – 0.14 per word
From French, German, Italian to
English 0.09 – 0.14 per word

* Note: we have translators between over 40 languages. This table lists cost ranges for popular translation languages.

To get the final pricing for your website, you are welcome to invite translators to apply to it.

Translators with the right background will present themselves. You can see their work history, fields of expertise and feedback they received from other clients. Each application will also include the cost (per word) which the translator is offering.

You can interview translators who interest you and choose the ones you like best.

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