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Receiving Completed Translations

When translations completed, they appear back in WordPress, ready for publishing.

If your site is online, ICanLocalize will return the translations immediately, as soon as they complete. If your site is offline (on your local PC or in an Intranet), you should tell WPML to retrieve completed translations.

Each time a document completes translation, you receive a notification email.

In case your site is online, you’re all done. The completed translation is waiting for you in WordPress.

If your site is not accessible from the Internet, you need to tell WPML to retrieve completed translations. Go to the Admin Dashboard. In the Multilanguage box, you’ll see a button for retrieving all completed translations. A single click is required to fetch everything from ICanLocalize.

You can check if translations are automatically delivered to your site, or if you need to tell WPML to retrieve them by visiting WPML->Translation Management->Multilingual Content Setup. The option is called Translation pickup mode.