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WordPress Training

We’re planning a few WordPress training sessions, as live webinars. The purpose of these trainings is to teach folks how to use WordPress to build their business sites.

Course Objectives

  • Intro – a quick pass at what WordPress is and how you can use it.
  • Business site basics – create static pages and a blog.
  • Social features – let visitors interact with you through comments, tweets and contact forms.
  • Search Engine Optimization – how to help Google fall in love with your site.
  • Going multilingual – now, turn everything you’ve done before into fully multilingual.

The entire training will be from a user’s perspective. We’re not going to hack anything or write any code (not even HTML or CSS). I’ll be happy to answer any questions about advanced topics, but it’s not the purpose of the training.

When you’re done, you will be able to create your own dynamic and user-interactive site with WordPress.

The bottom line:

A dynamic and interactive website is good for business. You’ll be able to get more visitors and convert more of them into clients.

Who Can Benefit from WordPress?

The ICanLocalize community includes people from very different backgrounds.

There are about 1000 professional translators. If you’re one of them, I’m pretty sure that a stylish multilingual site is important to you.

Small businesses must have an online presence. With WordPress, you maintain this presence easily and at an incredibly low-cost. But more important than cost is your ability to quickly update the site and engage with visitors.

Training Schedule

I’ll arrange the exact contents and schedule according to the participants and their background.

If you’re interested, leave a message here. Say what kind of site you’re looking to build and what your background is. Also, mention your timezone and which hours you can be free at.

We welcome everyone in ICanLocalize, but you can feel free to join even if you’re (still) not.

52 responses to “WordPress Training”

  1. Piet van Oostrum

    I am using WordPress for my private site. I also maintain a website for my church using Joomla. I find Joomla rather complicated compared to WordPress and I am interested to find out if WordPress can be used for those kinds of (non-blog) sites.

    My time zone is Bolivia Time (GMT -4) and I am available in the mornings and evenings, but if necessary I can change my schedule.

    1. Piet van Oostrum

      I forgot to add that I am not available at Sunday morning until about 14.00 hours.

  2. Karina Garcia Pedroche

    I’ve been trying all day to edit my wordpress website and I ended up really stressed. You’ve read my mind! I am from Argentina and will certainly join you in this training. Cheers!

  3. apk

    I am using WordPress for a longer while, am running quite some blogs and think will survive without the training which of course is a nice idea but for people who need it. what I do need instead of a free training in skills I think I am using already would be translation rates giving a translator the chance to stay in connection with ICL. for this, this would have to be rates being in a closer connection to typcal business rates in the translation market for my language pairs, the rates on ICL are – so far, for this language pairs – not aimed at translators who do this for their living, as a profession. I could neither keep the business going with the rates if I would work on here nor could I afford professional expenses needed in order to work on nor pay the taxes nor the health insurance nor anyhing else. I can’t survive with water and bread only but without even the rent paid, although I can survive without a WordPress training. thank you for thinking about this. unfortunately not the problem solution needed in order to provide quality for the ICL platform.

    wish you all a good time. I hope we meet each other again when ICL developped an appropriate pricing structure for language pairs.


  4. Jean Chao

    It’s great that ICanLoalize can provide this training.

    I have my own site now, but would like to learn more about other possibilities, especially the possibility of integrating a “blog” like feature to my website, which is hard to do with my current website setting.

    My timezone is Pacific (Daylight Savings) Time (GMT-7). I’m basically available from 9am-6pm.

    Looking forward to it.

  5. Ahnan Alex

    Well! I got one but it is a blogspot. I need more info how I can catch this word press training. Thank you in advance.

  6. Sarah Clark de Garcés

    I need a bilingual site for my freelance translation and proofreading work. I have been toying with the idea of WordPress for a while (I have a WordPress blog, no domain) so would be very interested. Ideal times are from about 10-2, then after 9pm, but any time would be good. I am in Spain (GMT +1).

  7. Jae Min

    I would like to get some ideas how to build the business relations with clients through WordPress. I am currently working part-time in developing CMS modules and some other widgets for the web applications.
    It would be great if I could get some information from the business point of view.

    My time zone is EST. I prefer mornings.
    Look forward to hearing from you.


  8. Geocarlos Alves

    I’ve never used WordPress, I use an online editor provided by the company that hosts my website. The website is not looking nice at all and I find it hard to get a way to make it look better. The training might help me about it.
    For this month, I only have some time in the evening (till midnight). My time zone, in Boa Vista, is the same as in La Paz and Caracas (GMT -4:00).

  9. Betsy Benjaminson

    I’d like to take this webinar together with my son who wants to build a website for me and other web sites. We are in GMT +2 time zone with flexible schedules.

    Neither of us have any experience with blogs or web development. However, my son is a photographer and so we want to know how to incorporate lots of photos in a WordPress site. Also, I am a Japanese translator, so I want to be sure to know how to include Japanese text in my site.

    Thank you.

  10. Hander Heim

    Hi, I would like to have WordPress for a blog in my business site.
    My time is GMT -3h.
    I’m available from Sun-Friday, morning and afternoon.

    – Hander.

  11. Ignacio Caballero

    I would like to participate in a comprehensive WordPress training program.
    I can accommodate to your schedule.
    I am looking forward receiving further information.

  12. Linda

    I have been building websites and blogs for over a year now with wordpress, but always want to learn more. I am from Belgium GMT +2, always available if I know a bit before hand.

  13. Elandirayan


    Please let me know when is the webinar for wordpress. Looking for the earliest

  14. Isaie Simonnet - Trouffman

    I’m in too 🙂 base din Montreal Canada. Would be really nice to see some of this webminar!

    can’t wait !

  15. Rehab


    I have no idea about WordPress at all, and I am so much interested to learn.I am available daily in the evening 6.00 pm which is around 4.00 pm UK time

  16. Pernilla

    I already have my own website, but since I don’t know much about how to create and run a website my husband does it for me. It would be great to learn how to do it myself. When is this training program going to take place? I’ll be away for about three weeks, but after that I’m back in the office and can adjust to your schedule. I’m located in Sweden (GMT +1).


  17. Tomasz

    I use WordPress too, every information is valuable. Thanks for this initiative.

  18. Tomasz

    my timezone is GMT+2

  19. Christina

    I would love to learn about wordpress since I am interested in building my own site.I am located in Greece (UK+2hrs time).

  20. Iris

    Definitely interested! My timezone is GMT+2 (same as you). The best time for me is from 8 AM to 4 PM (Sunday to Thursday).

  21. Tom

    I have a personal music blog in WordPress, incl some nice widgets, but it’s not a real corporate website. It still has the looks of a blog and I know there is much more to do with WP. So yes, I’d like to use WP as a tool for my corporate site.

    Timezone GMT +1 Antwerp; available 9am-3am (yep that’s 18h 😉

  22. Kjersti Haugtrø

    I’m in!
    Gmt +1

    My schedule is a bit ad hoc these days, but I’ll try. Daytime is usually ok, exept for week 29.


  23. Derrier Adrienne

    Yes I’m interest in participating, I don’t use WordPress although i often heard about it. But I’m on vacation from July 12th til July 27th.
    My timezone is GMT+2.
    Thank you for this project.

  24. Silvia

    Hi Amir,

    By the end of July I count on having a new website layout, because the one I am currently using gave me a lot of problems (MS Publisher). I will be using iWeb, because I have been told it’s the best (along with Dreamweaver).

    I would like to build a website that can be compatible with all the web browsers, no matter if you are on a Mac or a PC, Win 7 or whatever.

    Anyway, I would like to join the ICL webinar on WordPress. You could propose a couple of dates and see when most people are available. Time should not be a problem, unless it’s too late at night.



  25. Maria Dilena

    Hi Amir,

    I would eventually like to build my own website, but I am fairly new to it all. I would like to learn more. Would this be a good place to start?

    Thank you

  26. Gloria Remelli

    I’m an Italian translator and I still don’t have a website and don’t know anything about how to create or maintain one.
    I would really apreciate to take part in this webinar and I would prefer to have it in the evenings (around 7 p.m. GMT+1).

    Thank you very much for this opportunity!

  27. Robert


    I have hosting, I have domains, I can do basic things with WordPress, and learning how to use it for business purposes would be just great. Count me in, please.
    My time zone is GMT+1/GMT+2 with daylight saving.


  28. Rodica

    It sounds great to learn how to work in WordPress! Looking forward to the course. I am available early in the morning or during the weekends, my time zone is GMT+2.

  29. Alexandru

    Well, that’s an excellent idea. Always looking for something new to learn, and always taking advantage from any lessons.

    Definitely sign me up. My timezone is GMT + 2, Bucharest time. Availability? Just let me know couple of days prior to the event and I will be ready.

  30. laurad

    I would be interested in joining the training session. I am a freelance translator and I would like to improve my website.
    My time zone is GMT +2

  31. Cyril


    I am using Wordpres from two years now like a window-shoping of my paintings on e-bay. I would like to develop the contact – message – twitter? with my clients

    I would ideally even sell directly from my website at the place of e-bay.

    I try to make a double language website French and english but essentially english is on this website since I don’t pass a lot of time to translate it for my French client. English being the business language for me, I have essentially clients in USA and in France now… my paintings on ebay are presented in French and English…

    Thank you for your training which I am looking forward…

    Cyril from Budapest (Paris time zone = London +1 hour)

  32. Axel Boëthius

    Hey Amir,

    We just started our first translation project through Icanlocalize and it seems very promising. I’d like to attend the webcast. I’m GMT +1 but can attend any time.

  33. Mike

    Hi there,

    first of all a big thanks for such great ideas like providing free trainings like this.
    I don’t have my own site yet, but as a translator I know I should. So I’m glad you provide the means.
    My time zone is CET +1 (Germany), my preferred time would be something before noon, but I can also live with any other time.

  34. nana

    Hello, Amir –

    I am interested in your WordPress training for myself but also to see what business people are looking at now. Thanks for thinking of this! During the summer, early morning (Mountain Time) is best but I am flexible.


  35. Sushila

    Hi Amir,

    Thanks so much for your great efforts.
    I’ve created my own blog in WP to introduce books translated by me, though it must have a lot of defects and space for improvement. I’m interested in attending all the sessions, but specially the ones about Social features, Search Engine Optimization, and Going multilingual from the user’s perspective.
    GMT -3 (9am to 7pm)

  36. Daniela Silvna

    Yes, I’m really interested in this webminar!

  37. Laura

    Thanks for offering this interesting training on WordPress. It’s a fantastic idea!
    I’m pretty much interested in learning how to create WordPress websites.
    July 19th – 30th would be great! GMT -3


  38. Martyn Griffiths

    I’d be very interested in taking part together with my son. We’re in Wales (GMT).

  39. Einass

    Dear Amir ,
    I have no idea about word press . I wish to learn it , as I think it will be useful. I also have problems with submitting my bids . Please help me.

    1. Laura

      You can log in to your account and open a support ticket explaining what the problem with bids is.

  40. Natalia

    I’d love to join you!

    When are you planning to start?



  41. Hafsa

    Sounds good.

    I am in Australia (GMT + 11)

  42. LauraB

    I’ve been thinking of having my own website for a while so I am very happy to hear the news.
    Please let me know when you’re planning to start with the webinars because I am also an interpreter so there are some fixed (but not permanent) times I cannot move…
    I am in Uruguay. (GMT -3)
    Thank you,

  43. Orsi


    Thanks for this opportunity! I would like to join you.
    I already have 2 wordpress blogs but I’ve never built up a website and I’m truly interested in how to do it.

    My time zone is GMT+1. I’m flexible in times but I would prefer an evening webinar.

    Thank you!

  44. Penny

    I would be interested in a webinar on WordPress as I am not familiar with it or its potential.
    I am in the UK (GMT+1) and generally available in afternoons and evenings.
    Many thanks,

  45. Jonathan Addess

    I have a WP blog, but the additional stuff sounds interesting

  46. inga_d

    Hey everybody,

    I’d really like to know more about WordPress, so I’m looking forward to the webinar! I’m from Germany, by the way, and if I had the choice, I’d prefer the evenings.


  47. Bruno


    I would like to follow this training. I have tried to use Drupal before but it’s rather complicated for making a simple website. I heard that WordPress is easier, but I never tried it.


  48. Chris


    I have just looked at some sample WordPress business sites and am very interested in learning more. WordPress seems like a great replacement for our current quickly-created and a pain to update web site. I’m in the UK (GMT+1 for summer time). I’d prefer afternoon or evening. I am a programmer but have limited knowledge and little interest in learning HTML, etc.

  49. Maddalena De Angelis

    I would like to participate at the WordPress Training. It is for free? What else should I do to participate?

    Best regards

  50. philip nickels

    I would like some help . I use WordPress for serializing a short book that I am writing.
    I am on East Coast time ( GMT +5 )
    Thanking you in advance.