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A Tanning Expert Trusting Our Localization Experts

The Tanning Guru decided to trust the translation of his blog to ICanLocalize. Our professional translators localized this blog from English into five languages: Dutch, French, German, Russian and Polish.

Goran Olsson states in his blog ‘I will make no secret of my connection to Devoted Creations and their European web-shop at www.lotionsdirect.com. For reasons that you soon will be aware of when you follow this blog, I consider the lotions from Devoted Creations superior to any others.’ This tanning expert also trusted ICanLocalize the translation of some material from http://www.lotionsdirect.biz/.

‘I could also promote Devoted Creations in most European countries and decided to do so with the help of Internet. And that’s how Lotionsdirect, the first Pan-European Internet-distributor buying directly from the manufacturer in USA and selling directly to salons without expensive middle-men. For the first time ever, salons in Europe could now buy the very best American quality of tanning-lotions without paying more than their colleagues in USA did.’ This expansion goes hand in hand with the localization work done by the professional Dutch, French, German, Russian and Polish translators; translators who Goran selected himself from our system form a number of applicants. Now Devoted Creations is multilingual!

During an interview with our support manager, Goran Olsson, or The Tanning Guru, said that the system works very well. ‘‘Eveything ICanLocalize did for me was very well done with good support if I or any of the translators had any problems. And the price is reasonable’, he stated. He used ICanLocalize translators for some languages and had his own for others. He concluded saying that he’s 100% satisfied with the work carried out by our professionals.

Goran is a tanning expert trusting our translation experts. He mostly writes about lotions in his blog. This subject has become his specialty since a couple of years. He writes about their ingredients, their quality and how to select the right lotion for every tanner’s need. Goran sells American tanning lotions made in US in Florida to distributors and salons. He thinks he will send his new blogs in the near future to ICanLocalize to be translated by our experts.

‘I had lots of visitors from different countries and I could establish more as an expert in this jungle of internet shops.’

The Tanning Guru

Goran Olsson