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Save Time with Our Updated Issue Tracking System

Software localization projects are simpler to handle now!

Today’s system upgrade is meant to save precious time to both clients and translators, working on Software Localization projects.

Here’s the problem:

  1. A client creates a project, uploads a resource file and selects 12 languages
  2. There are a few unclear strings (like “Please %s %s sending!”)
  3. 12 translators see this strings and ask the client to explain what it means. Overall, 11 translators have wasted both their and the client’s time asking the same thing.

To avoid this, translators will now see issues that other translators have opened for a string. Instead of asking again, all other translators can subscribe to that issue and receive updates from the clients. This way, the question is asked and replied-to just once and everyone is happier.

Here is how it works.

Step 1 – a translator needs help with a string

The translator goes to the string and sees that it already has an issue.

Instead of creating yet another duplicate, the translator goes to the existing issue and clicks on the ‘subscribe’ link.

The client and the translator who opened the original issue can see who’s subscribed to it.

Step 2 – the client replies and everyone gets the update

When you reply to one translator, the others will see it too -and even get notified if they have already subscribed to the issue in question.  This means you’ll not be getting the same question twice.

Hey, there’s more coming soon!

We have more goodies coming soon to make your localization work as pleasant and efficient as possible. I’ll write about it when it’s ready.

8 responses to “Save Time with Our Updated Issue Tracking System”

  1. Silvia Astengo

    that’s really great! Thanks a lot for this super help!
    Silvia Astengo

  2. Cristina Manoli


    What a great idea! I am sure it will help us a lot.
    Thank you!

    Best regards,

  3. Marina

    Hi, I think it will be of great help. Thank you!

  4. Pierre-la-loupe

    Hi Laura,
    Great idea indeed.

    I think about the case where a string can be translated different ways, sometimes depending on the context. In most cases the alternatives are equally valid and the one retained as “standard” will do. But what about cases where they don’t ? Maybe you should think about an optional context field. Besides, some standard proposals might be disputed. They need to be arbitrated/voted. In Belgium, my country, we are so willing to differentiate that 5 translators will have 5 different meanings…

    Have a good day.

    1. Amir

      Today already, the same string can appear several times in the same SW localization project – for different contexts. Clients have the choice of treating duplicate strings as one or as different, depending on the context. They should provide explanation, in the comments section, about what the string is used for.

  5. Pernilla

    This sounds great! Perhaps next time I can finish my work faster when something is unclear thanks to another translator. 🙂

  6. translator english to french

    This new features is quite nice. The actual software we are using doesn’t have it. I’ll a try at your software