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ICL and WPML Helped Media Interactiva Expand

Media Interactiva offers Development, Education and Microsoft/Adobe official certification. Under development. They offer a big range of services: outsourcing, localization, SEO and SEM positioning, technological consultancy, software development, software testing, web design, graphic design, e-learning.

One of the biggest areas for Media Interactiva is Education. They offer different courses specialized in Microsoft Office and Adobe products: online and face to face training. After having completed a course, students take the official exam -included in the price of the course-, so they don’t only get certified by Media Interactiva, but also from the official company they are learning for. Since Media Interactiva is an official testing center for Certiport, students can perform the exam to obtain the official certificate for various Microsoft products (Microsoft Office Specialist, Microsoft Technology Associate) and Adobe. Since 2005 Certiport has been their main client. Media Interactiva develops and localizes exams for this company, whose main clients are Microsoft and Adobe.

Sam Brocal, Media Interactiva owner, realized there was a strong need to localize Media Interactiva from Spanish -language in which it was originally created- into English. Sam was interviewed by ICanLocalize support guru, and he said “I think the system is a fantastic idea. Within an hour, I already had my translator chosen out of a few which replied really quick. I thought this was going to take a bit longer, but it was fast and efficient. Getting the content localized was easy too, since it went directly into my WordPress admin area.” Sam selected a professional translator from ICanLocalize and just concentrated on his work.

He explained that the translation work was completed in 3 business days (nearly 4000 words). That was what he was expecting, or even faster. “The interaction with the translator has also been fantastic. He worked as a team member, stayed in touch all the time, and provided constant advice regarding changes he made to the text and why he made them. I will definitely work with him again.” He stated.

He also said that the multilingual module is excellent. When they started working on the Spanish site and finally decided to use WordPress, one of their main worries was localization. Sam wondered: “What about localization? How can we not get our site localized if we offer localization services?” Doing some research they found the multilingual module WPML and he stated: “It was the best money I expend recently. It is a powerful tool with lots of useful extra little modules, which make the full localization easy and quick.”

He mentioned many advantages of using WPML: easy to install and set up, lots of customization options, easy to handle languages, easy to deal with localizations, easy to find and talk to translators, easy to insert/delete languages, able to view the site in the language you are localizing, and hide it to the world until you are completed. He’s been using the Multilanguage module WPML for a couple of weeks and everything worked better than he expected.

The value of localization
Sam explained that he basically launched the website at the same time in Spanish and English –they have English customers and he didn´t want to release the site without having the English localization in place. Since the site was released in both languages more than half of the visits are coming from outside Spain (USA, Germany, India, etc). At least now, he told us, he knows many more visitors will be able to understand what he offers, because it is in English.

They will be doing the site in German, French, Russian, Japanese and Chinese Simplified. “The investment to localize the site into another language using the multilingual module WPML is worth it as we might get new business in those countries. If clients can´t read your site, you will not get new business.”

Sam Brocal

Media Interactiva Owner

One response to “ICL and WPML Helped Media Interactiva Expand”

  1. Luis Jarque

    Dear colleagues,
    I am very pleased to read this blog and see a positive reference made to my work as part of the team. I was the translator chosen to collaborate with Media Interactiva in their website translation project.
    I’m happy to have been part of this combined effort and the satisfaction produced.
    Best regards,
    Luis Jarque