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Thomas Henry -Special Beverages Reach New Markets


Thomas Henry is a site for those interested in an out-of-the-ordinary refreshment. A passion for long drinks and that special something in a glass have driven the two inventors of Thomas Henry’s for a long time. Why do variations in taste especially in Tonic, Bitter Lemon, Ginger Ale and Ginger Lemonade convince so little? Sebastian Brack and Norman Sievert just could not find an answer. So knowing this both of them developed five classic companions of excellent drinks for all who recognize and appreciate the extraordinary intense flavors. The Thomas Henry range will elate not only long drink lovers but also friends of non-alcoholic beverages for selected ingredients and delicious flavors typical of Thomas Henry.

Mature, bitter, sharp and intense: that is how a Thomas Henry is supposed to taste!

Products: Bitter Lemon, Tonic Water, Ginger Ale, Ginger Lemonade, Soda Water.

Thomas Henry’s are designed to accompany a good gin or an outstanding vodka all night long. Thomas Henry’s are mature and intense in flavor. Why to limit the product to German long drink lovers only? Nowadays, the world is at your hands! Just need to take the plunge!

Martin Grether, website designer and manager, was in charge of making Thomas Henry go global. He was in charge of offering a website that addressed a wider audience. He opted for WPML for this WordPress site and ICanLocalize for the Spanish translation.

During an interview with one of our support members Martin said: “I sorted out all issues and all worked pretty smoothly in the end.” The site was localized with the aim of reaching new cultures, reaching people who actually don’t know the German language but are interested in special drinks. The site is available in three languages: German –language in which the site was originally designed- English and Spanish.

Martin Grether explained that they wanted to reach new markets; by having translated their site the achieved the goal! They can get to English and Spanish markets as well –not an insignificant percentage at all.

They used one of ICanLocalize Spanish translators together with the multilingual WPML plugin: a perfect combination!

First he put contents himself, and added the English translation to the CMS manually. Finally, Martin found the way to have it done automatically. “ICL and WPML are very convenient to use” he said.


Thomas Henry is even in the news and the Tonic Water was just awarded 5/5 by the diffordsguide CLASS magazine. It deserves to be known by a wider audience.


ICL and WPML are helping this brand expand crossing language and cultural barriers!


Martin Grether

Website designer and manager