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English Classes on Skype Available to More & More Students!



LetsdoENGLISH is a website that teaches English through Skype. The best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in it, to practise with native speakers. After years of focused effort on how to connect native English speakers with foreign students who want to learn, LetsdoENGLISH finally developed a wonderful system. They offer:


• Live – one-on-one customized lessons with a live English speaker

• Flex-time – you take the lesson on your own time, 24 hours a day

• Unbelievable price – $4.99 per hour of instruction


It’s really cheap, and there’s no trick. It’s so accessible because you are allowed to work with foreign instructors that are fluent in English and teachers are paid based on their local prevailing wage, less than typical American tutor wages. Besides, they use free Skype technology for video conferencing and don’t pay overhead for teacher housing, extra staff, call center buildings, etc. There are no connection or telephone charges for you to pay either!

LetsdoENGLISH clients/students are from around the world so, even if the classes are ALL in English, they needed the site to be translated into other languages for a wider audience to understand their program. Now the site is available not only to an English audience but is also in Spanish, Chinese (Simplified) , Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Hindi and Portuguese.

Mark Lamberth, the founder of the company, told one of our supporters “It’s awesome to have a plug and play system in the back end of WordPress. WPML works really well.” The plugn allowed him to get his site localized easily and efficiently.

The Importance of Localization

As their customers speak other languages, it was important to get everything translated into the major languages. As regards the translation work in general he stated: “The interaction with translators was just fine. Everyone was reasonable and worked fast.”

As all businesses increase after having a website localized, the same went for LetsdoENGLISH. “I’ve been getting more sales since I had the website translated.” Mark decided to localize the full website with ICanLocalize translators into multiple different languages and now he’s seeing the results! More people all over the world have access to these awsome Skype classes offered.

Accessible English classes matching accessible and high quality localization services!


Mark Lamberth

Company Founder