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New – Android Localization Tutorial

We’re extra happy to announce a new full-length and detailed tutorial for Android localization.

It’s no secret that Android is on the rise. Much like the iPhone, Android apps are built for localization. The texts and images are all served from resource files, conveniently organized into directories.

When creating a multilingual Android app, all you need to do is provide the right resources in the right directories. The Android OS takes care of loading the right resources for the right language. It even includes a fallback logic which will handle cases in which the exact locale is not available.

Our new Android localization guide helps developers take advantage of the great opportunities in building multilingual Android apps. You’ll build a multilingual Android app right, on the first attempt.

And, of course, being a translation service, we’ll be more than happy to provide translation for Android applications.

Simply, upload the XML resource file in your language, let us translate and download the translated resource files.

Special Bonus – Reuse Translations for iPhone and Android

Many design houses build the same applications for both Android and iPhone. It makes good sense. While the applications are built completely different on the inside, they look very much alike to users.

Our software localization system allows you to upload resource files with different formats to the same project. You can tell it to reuse translations for existing strings. This means that if the Android and iPhone apps include the same strings, you don’t need to pay again for translating them.

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  1. Vijay

    Can you please provide me a small code that provide multilingual support in android ?