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Optimizing the System for Translators

ICanLocalize simplifies the work for the translators

ICanLocalize simplifies the work for the translators

At ICanLocalize, we are constantly improving and simplifying our system for both clients and translators.

Although this is an ongoing process, we detail two of our latest implementations to simplify our translators’ experience in this post.

Precise e-mail subjects

Previously our translators received e-mail identical notifications for any new jobs. These notifications were the same for both totally new projects to apply as well as for new documents added to recurring website projects. Sometimes this caused an e-mail with new documents for an old project being overlooked by the relevant translator.

Now, at a glance, translators can distinguish between a new project and recurring work.

  • “Recurring work available for you” is the e-mail title when new work is waiting to be done on a recurring project.
  • “New projects matching your profile” is the e-mail title when there is brand new work available to apply for.

So if a translator has a full schedule or not enough time to take on new clients, they can now easily identify if an e-mail notifies them of recurring work waiting for them, which eliminates the need to open and read all daily ICanLocalize emails they get in their inbox.

Minimum for bidding projects

ICanLocalize used to have no minimum price for general text translations, allowing translators to compete at unreasonable low rates.

Now clients need to add number of words to bidding projects and bids can never be lower than $0.09 USD per word. This way we can guarantee excellence in work for our clients, and a decent living for our translators.


More improvements are still to be added!


2 responses to “Optimizing the System for Translators”

  1. Pernilla

    Great improvements!

  2. ankier

    Thank you for your feedback Pernilla. If you have any other ideas for improvements, don’t hesitate to let us know and we will add them onto our list 🙂