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The Importance of Transparency and Project Ownership

Google “translation” or “localization services” and you will be faced with pages of results to browse, leaving you none the wiser on which service provider you should contract for your needs.

So what makes a translation portal different from a translation agency?

First and foremost, a portal primary aim is to offer matchmaking services to clients and linguists.
In this time of financial difficulties, portals opt for full transparency on rates, commissions and capabilities, letting clients being in charge of their projects and localizers free to make an educated decision on whether to apply to and accept a job.

The pluses as a client

Cost-saving: leaving client in charge of their project means, that they will be able to save on the rather expensive fees agencies would normally charge as they become the project manager of their localization jobs.

Decision-making: clients have dedicated time to build their app, write their marketing material or novel, create a professional website and now are looking into making it available to a wider audience. Choosing which professionals match their requirements should not be left to a third party. That is why for each language pair, a portal lets them browse localizers’ profile, read other clients recommendations, look at linguist ratings, choose those they wish to invite to their project and interview them to see if they feel they are the ideal candidates for your needs.

Flexibility: and should they wish to benefit from what the provider’ system offers while still working with their own linguists, this is most of the times also feasible, usually against a small usage fee.

Financial sense: clients forecast a budget, work with the experts on a sensible rate and get started in no time. No fuss, no hidden fees, full transparency.

Direct communication: it is well known and agreed upon that the fewer intermediaries or outsourcers involved, the greater the chances are that what the client wishes will be what the client gets. What better way then than liaising directly with the language expert to clarify any doubts or questions?

Taking ownership of your project makes business sense and nowadays technology makes it all the more simple to do so. So when it comes to localizing your next project, just ask yourself: “And what about managing it myself?”