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Ibersupport has reached a wider market

Ibersupport is a financial business management company which helps foreigners to set up their businesses in Spain, helping them out with regulations, among other financial related aspects considering they are specialized in the area of Spanish Tax Law, and international tax regulations. Ibersupport is a trusted name in business consultancy and personal wealth management in Spain for the last 10 years. This company counts with experts who provide advice on the establishment of a business with the most favorable structure and offers advice in cases where language barriers or bureaucracy prevent the smooth operation of your business processes.

During an interview with our support manager, Thomas Maas, the founder of Webtypes,  said that the core strength of the ICanLocalize system is the direct communication with translators: “It’s very easy to get in contact with translators and the translation process goes pretty smoothly”. Clients start getting applications, and then they can visit translators’ profiles and chat with translators before making a decision. Then, it’s possible to select the most suitable professional according to their experience and the field of translation in which they specialize.

With Dutch as the original language, the website is currently available in English and Spanish. ICanLocalize helped Ibersupport reach a wider market and audience. Thomas Maas stated that he’d recommend ICanLocalize services to future clients. It’s a great advantage knowing that clients can send contents any time they need to do so and that it will always be the same translator working on them. This assures quality and coherence of style for the whole website.

Thomas Maas

Designer at Webtypes

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  1. Otto Schlappack

    Only recently a friend pointed out to me the existence of a translation service such as icanlocalize. I have started using it by having my website http://www.bestrahlen.com translated from german to english although I have some command of english my self. However, instead of translating text I can use my time to do other work, work that I have to do myself. Also the possibilty to have my website translated into languages that I do not speak, such as for example spanish or russian, exites me because it opens the possibility of addressing a larger audience.