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Are You Ready for WPML 2.0?

WPML 2.0 is almost ready. It’s a major new version with improvements all around. We want to make sure that any WordPress translation clients don’t suffer from problems when upgrading.

Changes in WPML are all over the place. There’s a new Translation Editor, a new Translator role, a new Translation Dashboard. Lot’s of new stuff.

We’ve spent months coding this release and weeks testing it. After two public Betas and a lot of feedback, we’re almost ready for a release.

As you know, when we release a new version, WordPress encourages all users to upgrade. The upgrade process is automated and happens almost by itself.

We want to make sure your upgrade goes smooth

Before we release this new version, we’d like to help verify that this upgrade goes without problems for WPML’s professional translation clients.

There are two ways we can do this:

  • You send us your site’s DB dump and we’ll test everything for you.
  • Use the recent development version on a test server and test the upgrade yourself. We’ll help with whatever you need.

Please log in to your ICanLocalize account, click on Get Help and create a support ticket and we’ll help you make sure it goes well.