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jazzbluesetcetera.net is expanding

jazzbluesetcetera.net is a website that sets up a network between musicians and anyone who sets up a live music event. Knut Pflughaupt, the creator of this idea, explains: “Today we are building the network – tomorrow we shall start using it…” He decided to start what he thought of as a “clearinghouse” agency, a network of and for musicians, their agents and managers on one hand, and music event organizers (clubs, festival organizers, etc.) on the other. Soon this will be a global network!

This German music lover with a entrepreneurial spirit understood that for a newtwork to work it needs to reach people speaking different languages. He came to ICanLocalize in search of German and French translators for this website, which was originally written in English. He found the professionals he wanted and is now really satisfied with the work provided. During an interview with our support manager, Knut said: “I’m very happy with the system and I had no problems at all…I can say the result was excellent.” Knut is planning to translate his website into twenty-two European languages.

English was the original language as most people speak and understand this language. Then, he decided to translate it into German as most clubs and festivals are organized in Germany, the second language of translation was French as France is also a country of great musical events. Then, he’ll translate it into Italian, and so on. He explained that “translations are absolutely valuable for a network to operate.” If a musician wants to perform in Italy, for example, they need to advertise themselves in Italian. Musicians will have the option of translating their profiles to different languages so that they can reach as well as be reached by a wider audience worldwide.

Knut is totally convinced that “ICanLocalize offers decent prices and excellent work.”

Knut R Pflughaupt

Dersau/Trappenkamp, Germany