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PHP Text Scanner and .po File Generator

About ICanLocalize .po file generator

This generator will scan PHP file(s) and create .po files, that are used for localization. It will extract all strings wrapped in __("txt", "domain") and _e("txt", "domain") calls.

Strings can be enclosed in either double quotes (") or single quotes(') and with any character encoding.

You are welcome to translate the .po files with ICanLocalize or with your own translators.


You can upload a single PHP file or a ZIP file containing multiple files. The scanner will extract strings from all PHP files inside the archive, ignoring other files (like images and stylesheets).

If you already have existing translation, upload the current .po file too. The generated .po file will include all exiting translation and comments.

File(s) to upload

PHP file to process (required):
Existing PO file (optional):

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