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Beer Grains Supply Co. is Reaching English-French Speaking Clients

Beer Grains Supply Co., located in Deep River Ontario Canada, brings home brewing supplies and fresh ingredients to brewers across the continent. They have ingredients and supplies for all levels of home brewers from beginner to advanced

Their brewing shop offers high quality malt, hops, yeast, and adjuncts to use in your favorite home brewing recipes. Beer Grains Supply Co chooses only the best quality brewing supplies to stock in their brew shop; and they ensure your order ships from their warehouse as efficiently and securely as possible so your package arrives in perfect condition.

When you order home beer brewing supplies, you can count on Beer Grains Supply Co to support you and your passion for brewing.

The site was originally created in English, however, in Canada, though English is the dominant language in most provinces, many people speak only French. Actually, Jason Koebel –the owner-  thinks that 50% of his clients are from Québec. Jason is convinced that the translation of his site into French will help increase sales.  The site has just been launched in French, and already started reaching those visitors and clients whose mother tongue is French!

During an interview with one of ICanLocalize support members, Jason stated he’s really happy with ICanLocalize services: “The price is fine, and customer service is great. I had some minor issues but they were all seen to immediately.” With the translator, he said that communication went really good. Jason translated the whole site with ICanLocalize, except for the Store which is not on the WordPress platform.

Overall, the system is great for Jason –how WPML and ICanLocalize are connected to provide fully multilingual sites powered by WordPress. “Prices, translation and customer support have surpassed my expectations.” He concluded.


Jason Koebel