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PCWinSoft is Now Selling to More Countries

PCWinSoft offers reliable and easy-to-use tools for capture of video and audio, broadcast of video and audio, surveillance of video and audio, and productivity. They also develop contracted projects with the same level of quality.

Products Going Global

Family ScreenCamera -set of programs for video capture and video broadcast. What sets the family ScreenCamera apart is its video camera: the video camera of ScreenCamera is compatible with Skype and all programs and websites that work with webcams.

Family1AV – headed by 1AVCenter which holds all the functions of the family: Web server to share files, capture of video and audio, broadcast of audio and video, and remote surveillance of audio and video.

SuperLauncher – Gain Instant Access to Favorite Applications, Folders, Files and Websites. Or Schedule Them


The Plan

Alessandro Ferri, President and founder of PCWinSoft, decided to make use of ICanLocalize to Start expanding to new markets, which was unthought of before. He created different bidding projects in order to localize their software, programs and website. “ICanLocalize has done an excellent work for PCWinSoft on several occasions. It is a highly reliable translation service.” Alessandro also said that translation quality is really good and the system is very professional. They could select their translators, and the good thing is that PCWinSoft always has the chance to invite the same professionals for any new bidding project.

“Translation has helped PCWinSoft sell to other countries.” Alessandro explained. PCWinSoft has had a considerable growth as their business started to expand. It’s amazing to see what translation/localization can do, how it can help companies grow.

Alessandro concluded saying that he has no comments for improvements as he’s happy with how the ICanLocalize works.


Alessandro Ferri – President and founder

PCWinSoft Systems Informatica Ltda