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Starmap: Astronomy Apps Reaching More Users!

View the Universe

Starmap is the perfect app for viewing the universe with realistic maps and detailed factual information. Based on the iPhone compass geo-location technology, Starmap Pro pinpoints your exact location and lets you view the sky in real-time, and zoom in/out on objects in the sky as you please. Starmap has several other features to enhance your space-viewing experience, including information and images on celestial objects, sky-gazing information specific to your area, and more.

This application, which has been localized into 10 languages, is perfect for the casual stargazer or the professional astronomer. Starmap Pro is available in iTunes for iPhone, iPad, and iTouch.

Let Yourself be Taken on a Star Voyage

Spacemap –also a multilingual app- takes you on a star voyage, beyond the Solar System, to the outer bounds of the known Universe. Beautiful animations, sound effects … but overall scientific precision. All known comets, asteroids and planets orbital paths are exactly rendered. 25000 objects, like galaxies or stars can be located in this 3D model of the Universe. Even extraterrestrial planets and objects that may collide with the Earth are included.

Reaching Wider Audiences & Reaping the Benefits

Both astronomy apps as well as the website have been localized by our professional translators, and carefully reviewed, providing quality versions in the different languages: Finnish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.

Frédéric Descamps, Starmap CEO, makes use of WPML in combination with ICL professional localizers for translating the strings, the help pages and the site content.

About ICL translation services, Frédéric told one of our supporters: “The system is very good and professional. I always got quick answers to questions.” With big volumes of recurring work since 2009, time when cooperation started, some issues have come up at times, but he expressed his satisfaction about the immediate support provided.

Now Starmap is available to native speakers from different parts of the globe. He also added: “Having a multilingual version of an app really increases sales. People like to have them in their own language. And this increases the overall app quality.”

Frédéric Descamps

Starmap CEO