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Overwrite Existing Translations Now!

As we announced in one of our last posts, there’s more news!  Your localization work is becoming more pleasant and efficient.

Overwriting Existing Translations

When users uploaded existing translated resource files for their software localization projects, the system ignored any string that had already been translated. Now you have two options when you ‘Upload exisiting translations’.

Project Administration

Option 1

So far, if the string was the same and it had different translations on ICanLocalize and on the file you’re importing, the system just ignored the translations from the file and took ICanLocalize translations. This is still possible, if you mark the first option ‘Skip strings that are already translated’.

( ) Skip strings that are already translated

Option 2

Now you can replace the translated strings in the system with translated strings in your file. If you select ‘Overwrite translated strings’, you can substitute any translated strings in ICanLocalize with the string in the resource file you upload.

( ) Overwrite translated strings

You just need to select the format of the file you’re uploading, the language you want to apply this to and select the file the translation is for. See:

Adding Existing Translations

Example: Let’s say in the system you have a string “Label” => “Text” => “Apple”. Then you are uploading a resource file that has the string “Label” => “Text” => “Microsoft”. If you pick the “Skip strings that are already translated “, on the end of the process, the project will have the string “Label” => “Text” => “Apple”. If you choose “Overwrite translated strings”, it will have the string “Label” => “Text” => “Microsoft”.

And there’s still more to come soon!