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Viso Technic –The Creative Dimension in French and English!

Viso-Technic is a website that offers decorative solutions to a wide market –originally created in French and now also available in English.

“Promoting aesthetics and excellence, Visio-Technic offers professional and individual clients a variety of decorative solutions that are durable and can be personalized in unlimited ways.”

Viso-Technic has been built upon essential principles like innovation, excellence, and aesthetic innovation. And their “Creation & Design” department is made up of graphic designers, designers, and colorists trained to work within their production limitations, both in terms of feasibility and application possibilities for their various material bases and their specific uses.

The services offered by Visio-Technic can be divided into three categories:

– Transfer of digital design onto all material bases

– The managing of decorative projects that are delivered ready to use

– Design of finished products that unify decorative and utalitarian dimensions

Martin Saunier-Plumaz, Marketing Director and also in charge of the English localization of the site, was interviewed by ICL support guru. He said the concept is great, they entered the French pages and WPML got them back the pages translated very quickly. WPML was the technical stuff they needed together with the professional translation offered by ICanLocalize.

Martin enjoyed using both for his WordPress site: WPML plugin and ICanLocalize. “I’d never heard about this before, and I’m very happy. It’s very simple to use.” He said.

Translation Experience

His experience with the English translator selected was really good. They got applications and were able to select the right translator for their project. The expert was in touch and asked for clarifications on some issues, which is what a professional localizer does to achieve top notch results. Considering it was Christmas time, he thought the project would get delayed, but he told us that “thanks to the plugin and the translator the job was done very quickly”. Martin added: “The translator did a terrific job”.

Martin also found the rating system absolutely interesting. He used it to decide on the translator, and he is convinced he made the right choice.


Translations have been done a few weeks ago, but Martin is sure the impact in the market will be noticeable. They have a great deal of customers and potential clients whose native language is English; all the info is now widely made available to users on the Website. They get visitors from India, the United States, South Africa, UAE, and Europe in general.

And the next round of translations, as Martin has started, will be their blog with the latest news. There is no doubt that having a website available in English makes for a traffic boost!

Martin Saunier-Plumaz

Marketing Director