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Phuket.Net Real Estate is Growing & Growing

Phuket.Net Real Estate specialises in residential and investment properties focusing on the tropical island of Phuket, Thailand. They have built a reputation as one of the island’s leading independant real estate agents and boast a highly experienced team who have lived on Phuket for a total of over 90 years.

Phuket.Net was launched in 2005 as a Phuket portal site with information on where to stay, what to do, etc. The company began offering holiday rental bookings from which they began to learn about the holiday home market in Phuket. From our holiday rentals business we began to receive many inquiries from people about investing in real estate on the island, particularly in regards to holiday homes that would generate a healthy investment return.

“The natural progression for the website was born from the lessons we learned from the inquiries we received. It became clear that there were many people out there looking for holiday or investment properties here in Phuket, as well as homes for rent, and that they needed advice and guidance from people who know the market on theisland as well as we do.”

Richard Jones, Chief Technology Officer, was in charge of localizing the site contents. They didn’t translate their whole site, but chose ICanLocalize to translate the underlying template (or theme) of their sites, then they used their own real estate agents to translate individual properties. ICL string translation was the ideal option for their needs, in this case.

Translations Help Businesses

Phuket is a tropical island paradise which is developing rapidly. In recent years a growing number of foreigners are choosing Phuket as a destination where they holiday, relocate, invest or work and the need to have their websites in multiple languages has grown from the diversity of individuals from different nationalities who are interested in Phuket.

Richard explained: “as a first time user of ICanLocalize and also this being the first multilingual site that we have worked on, we were overly impressed by both the system and service offered.” He told us that getting started was very straightforward and they were up-and-running translating within 10 minutes and by the end of the day they had been contacted by a number of ICanlocalize translators. They reviewed their profiles and selected both their translator and reviewer.

With translation and review there’s no margin for error. The output was a 100% quality translation!

“The process for selecting translators was very easy, transparent and we were confident to go ahead with the service.” Richard told us.

Richard also stated to have found online documentation that was clear: “Documentation was clear, in-depth where necessary and, again, installed us with the confidence to go ahead with using the service without hesitation or further consultation.”

Quality and Interaction with Translators

Richard expressed his full satisfaction with ICanLocalize translation & translators. “The quality of the translators and reviewers that we experienced was the most impressive part of the whole service. They were simply great. Quick to respond, working all hours of the day, extremely fastidious and, again, installed us with confidence that we were getting a professional and bespoke translation of our website.”

He found communication with the translators through the ICanlocalize system pretty simple, intuitive and aided in getting the French translation of the site done quickly and to the highest of standards.

Richard Jones

Chief Technology Officer