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Wedding Mall Collaborates With ICanLocalize To Go Truly Global

In this international and globalized world where we see more and more “intermixed” couples (from different countries, living possibly in a third country) tying the knot becomes a big challenge in terms of organisation. After realising that couples were forced to use two or even three wedding registries, or move items around and that no company was offering truly cross-border wedding lists, Wedding Mall implemented a novel wedding list (patented). That way, young couples who may prefer cash as a gift to get themselves started in life but were afraid to ask, Wedding Mall created a wedding list, where guests can donate money on behalf of the couple.

In an interview Georgia Bachunzuzi, CEO of Wedding Mall, stated: “Guests use their credit card to make a cash gift to the couple. The couple receives the collected amount to its banking account and can use it in any way they see fit. It’s simpler for the guests and more useful for the couple. After all, cash is always the most appreciated gift. But Wedding Mall is not just a cash wedding registry. It also involves large, well-known retailers, where couples enjoy discounts and benefits for a year. Wedding Mall perfectly balance a cash registry and a traditional wedding list. Wedding Mall is modern, flexible and international.”

In order to be able to really address all those international couples out there, Wedding Mall needed to be made available in more than just English, Greek, French and Italian. That is when Georgia Bachunzuzi, decided to contact ICanLocalize to see how best ICL expert linguists could work towards enhancing Wedding Mall customers’ experience. “Simple, clear and efficient are the three words that best qualify our collaboration. We were very satisfied and plan to use ICanLocalize to localize our site into all Eurozone languages (Spanish, Danish, Portuguese, etc.).”

While the Wedding Mall plans to expand its business in the fall and that is when they will really pick up the fruits of their investment in localization services, we are proud at ICL that we can help all those intermixed couples ease the challenge of organizing an international wedding!


Georgia Bachunzuzi,
CEO of Wedding Mall