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Diaverum –One of The World’s Leading Providers of Renal Care – Now Available to Larger Audiences

Diaverum is one of the world’s leading providers of renal care and the largest independent service provider in Europe. Diaverum has a strong heritage in renal care that dates back 20 years, when the first dialysis clinic in what is now Diaverum was established. Since then, Diaverum has been at the forefront of the renal service markets. Operations currently serve a patient base of more than 18 000 individuals.

Fredrik Henrysson, Director of External Communications, explains “Diaverum operates in 16 countries in 13 languages. Our websites are central to all our external communication. And an efficient translation, translation review and web publishing workflow is essential for our external web presence. After testing and evaluating several different translation solutions, we decided to implement ICanLocalize.”

Diaverum first tested the software and services provided by ICanLocalize on a campaign website built in WordPress implementing ICanLocalize WPML plugin. “The plugin was installed by a developer in an hour. I was able to initiate translations from WordPress the same day.” Fredrik continues.

“I have 15 years experience managing web projects and I was truly impressed about the quality and ease of use of the WPML plugin. But we also learned that a website needs to be coded right to be able to take advantage of the WPML plugin.” Fredrik explains.

The initial project involved 4 languages and 2 000 words of content. The next step was to use ICanLocalize for the main websites, involving 13 languages and 18 000 words of content. Here, Diaverum opted to use Drupal as the CMS and develop an in-house review and approval workflow.

Fredrik also explained: “All our translations need to be reviewed by internal reviewers and approved by 16 country managers with little time to learn complicated web systems and the global Corporate Communication team needed a waterproof workflow to make sure that content is translated, reviewed and approved by the local country organization.” For Fredrik working with ICanLocalize has been a very positive experience as ICanLocalize has enabled them to translate a larger volume of content, which is key to their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) effort. “We have seen an increase in visitors as a direct result from implementing ICanLocalize. For us the main benefits are:

• Cost efficiency. We have cut our yearly translations cost by 50%

• Quality. Our experience is that the translators from ICanLocalize are as good or better compared to other traditional agencies.

• Flexibility. It is very easy to implement the services and software from ICanLocalize

• Support. We have received excellent and fast support from ICanLocalize


The only area where I see ICanLocalize could improve is usability of their administrator interface, but this is only a minor comment. If you have a question, ICanLocalize support will answer promptly.” Fredrik concludes.

When Frederik talks to his colleges about ICanLocalize, they don’t think it’s true. It’s hard to believe a translation service can be both cheap and top notch. But there’s no trick! Frederik proved it and there’s no trick. He saw the resumes, interviewed translators himself and immediately realised that ICL works only with qualified translators.

Why is it so affordable? Because ICL also offers translators benefits that other agencies or portals do not offer, they work on safe grounds and have recurring work, with the necessary tools at their hands.


Frederik Henrysson

External Communications Director

Diaverum Contact