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New Translation Language Pairs for Software Localization Projects

We’re excited to announce the availability of more translation language pairs between European languages.

Until recently, our Software Localization system had one fixed price across all language pairs. As a result, we always had a shortage of talented translators between some European languages. This shortage was worse for Scandinavian and Central European language pairs.

In response, we can now allow exceptions to the uniform 0.07 USD per word rate. The new pricing does not affect any existing language pair in which we currently translate and can meet the demand. It allows us to attract top translators, in languages pairs that we could not offer until now.

We have set a pricing of 0.09 USD per word for the following language pairs: German to Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and French; and Spanish to Italian, German, French and Portuguese. As a result, European clients can now find great translators in these languages in ICanLocalize.

As before, pricing is set per language. This way, translators compete over quality and service, rather than on cost.

If your translation projects demand other language pairs, for which you did not find suitable translators until now, please let us know and we will explore fair pricing, which will make both you and your translators happy.

Our goal is to provide the best possible service, while being attractive to both clients and to expert translators.

We know that you’re with us and we thank you for your support!