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Happy Blue Fish integrated ICanLocalize from Day 1

Happy Blue Fish



Happy Blue Fish, whose editorial strategy is to help people grow, design games that are aimed to entertain, but also to add a positive influence on people’s life, from kids to elderly: learn something, feel better at home, at work, in your life, with your friends, understand the world.

Happy Blue Fish Studio is working on its own titles, targeting the international mass markets through digital distribution.

Dominique Busso, CEO, since the early days believed in the values of localization to best address his audience. He declared to our support liaison during an interview that “While installing WordPress, half a year ago, I was notified of the existence of ICanLocalize and found the concept brilliant. Using ICanLocalize enables me to translate content directly from my website, without the hassle of tediously preparing text for translators that may not be familiar with code.  Affordability was also a factor and the bottom line low cost for all the facilities offered helps me dedicate more budgets to localizing my products in various languages.”

As he was made aware of ICanLocalize and the services it offered early on, he kept the technical requirements to fully integrate localization in mind and built his website accordingly. As Happy Blue Fish has used ICanLocalize since day 1, Dominique does not know any other way than the ICanLocalize way and highly recommends using its services to colleagues and fellow professionals. Dominique further added “I like that we can work with the same translators for the duration of a project as educational games need a thorough knowledge of the product and the product line for consistency.”

Their technical expertise covers all devices with digital delivery and social gaming features (play with or against friends, compare scores, share comments…). They develop for the Nintendo Wii (WiiWare), the Nintendo DSi (DSiWare), online (Adobe Flash / FaceBook games) and smartphone games (Apple iPhone).

Happy Blue Fish and ICanLocalize from early days and growing strong!


Dominique Busso

CEO Happy Blue Fish