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Elementi Consulting is looking to international markets

Elementi Consulting is a strategic consulting firm that helps small and mid-sized companies grow their international business.

As the world has become more integrated, it has become imperative for businesses to look to international markets to increase sales, diversify risk or to solidify competitive positions. To reach international markets, localization becomes a must. Philip Guarino, the firm owner, understood his website needed to be translated into other languages to be able to get to wider audiences. He started by translating Elementi Consulting into Italian and Spanish.

During an interview with our support chief, Philip Guarino said: “In my case my needs were a little different from most. I actually speak and write both languages fluently but I wanted to use a trustworthy, reliable translator as it saved me an enormous amount of time.”

Elementi Consulting home page states “If your company would like to seize business opportunities overseas, we can provide the expertise necessary to help you develop–and execute–winning growth strategies.” ICanLocalize can provide you the necessary professional translation service to help you expand your business, crossing boundaries.

Philip also stated that his experience was good and everyone was very responsive. “It was a very easy process,” he stated. “The process was very smooth, easy and fast to set up. When I sent translation jobs, I got lots of applications.”

Philip is convinced that people from Spanish and Italian speaking countries will find it easier to find them and read about his consulting firm, as they can have access to all the information in their mother tongues now. He also noticed more traffic and his website appears more in the search engines, due to the keywords translated into these two languages.

“I did a lot of research online before deciding to work with Icanlocalize.com. What Icanlocalize did was an excellent job, quickly and precisely. I’m glad I made the right choice,” Philip explained.

Elementi Consulting may add new languages going forward. WordPress was the CMS platform used in combination with WPML plugin to make this site multilingual and accessible to many more people from different parts of the world.

Philip Guarino

Website Owner