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Radiation service reached the English market

http://radiation-treatment.net is a website about enabling radiation oncology patients to care for their skin during radiation treatment. How is this done? By providing them with a means to mark the radiation field that is not a permanent tattoo as advocated by American radiation oncologists but a dye that lasts for 10 to 15 days and that does not wear off like a marker pen when they wash themselves or apply a moisturizing cream to their skin.

The radiation field marking is the same world-wide. With the help of translation, the solution offered by Dr. Schlappack can reach more people from different parts of the world. He decided that his radiation service needed to become available to a wider audience. The site was originally designed in German, but Dr. Schlappack hired one of the professional translators form ICanLocalize to make his site bilingual: now http://radiation-treatment.net is available in both German and English. He was able to select the translator he liked best from our database, which includes only qualified professionals.

During an interview with our support chief, Dr. Schlappack, explained that he is glad the service is available and that he decided to use it after a friend recommended it.

“When my friend pointed out the service of ICanLocalize, I got excited about the prospect of having my website translated to a number of other languages.” In Europe there are many different languages spoken and in order to make use of the common market it becomes a must to address people in their language.

Otto Schlappack also said to our support manager that he was very satisfied with translators and the quality of their work. “Communication with them was excellent. In addition, I was impressed that even ICanLocalize support persons contacted me.”

ICanLocalize can turn out to be the right vehicle to reach the roads of market success!

Otto Schlappack