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Hand Craft Code Goes Multilingual with ICanLocalize

Hand Carved Code designs and creates software for the Apple iPhone and the Apple iPod touch and it was formed after months of fun and creative software development with a goal to create engaging and well-designed software.

If the aim was to create software that users would enjoy, how can this effort not be lost when an applications is localized to other languages? Users from other countries should enjoy it as much as English-speaking users.

For this, Hand Carved Code trusted ICanLocalize. We provided them with the professional translators they needed for their projects.

Keith Feldman, the president & CEO of the company stated that the system resulted very useful to him and having the same translator for all his project was a great advantage, too. He is satisfied and planning to send future translation projects to ICanLocalize.

Within the work done for Hand Carved Code, there is Occasions, the simple and beautiful application for the iPhone or iPod touch for tracking birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates.

The translation of his iPhone application into several languages definitely helped his business, especially in German and Russian.

‘They paid off and the sales increased considerably’, he said. ‘In fact, they already covered the translation cost.’

Keith Feldman,
President & CEO
Hand Carved Code, LLC